The Crane Barbados: The Best Beachfront in the Caribbean

April 1, 2015Tom

Take a moment to daydream on your ideal Caribbean location. Brilliant, almost luminescent white sands. Patchwork  blues and greens from the sea and the shoreline. An atmosphere of humble refinement. Lush, welcoming luxury. Complete bliss, isn’t it?

You probably don’t know it yet, but The Crane Barbados is the holiday of your daydreams. Beachfront Caribbean holidays don’t get better than this, and you’ll quickly realise that the perfect seafront holiday isn’t such a pipe-dream after all.


The appropriate fanfare

A resort as fine as The Crane deserves a proper introduction. The Crane is a Caribbean beach resort that many consider unparalleled. The pink tints to the white sand put a distinctive fingerprint on The Crane’s waterfront, and a flourishing coconut grove lines the local lands with the signature swaying foliage of island living.

The skyline and colours make it seem like a postcard portrait, but The Crane is all about living and experiencing the island rhythms. The mellow ocean is perfect for swimming, surfing, or snorkelling, and the gardens tempt you with floral scents and a chorus of wildlife.


The Crane itself lives up to its first impressions. The service is unparalleled, with attentiveness and courteousness every step of the way. The award-winning cuisine is spread over 4 à la carte restaurants, covering everything from Oriental dining to fine European delicacies. The five pools and rooftop terraces give you a type of peace and quiet rare to discover. It’s a well-rounded hotel that strives for excellence in all pursuits, without fault or compromise.

That’s quite the trophy cabinet

There’s a certain film star grace that underwrites every mention of The Crane. It’s got an undeniable pull that makes its flawless sands and exotic blues completely irresistible, like they were peeled from the stills of a cinematic masterpiece.


This immaculate stretch of coastline is widely considered the premier beach location on Barbados, and accordingly has been showered with converted accolades:

•   Crowned Best Caribbean Beach 2015 by USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice
•   Named among the Top Ten Best Beaches in the World by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
•   Listed as one of BBC Holiday Programme’s Top 50 Places to Go Before You Die
•   Included in the Top 25 Sexiest Beaches in the World by The Travel Channel
•   Ranked No. 23 in CNN’s Top 100 Beaches in the World
•   Counted among the Caribbean’s 10 Best Hotel Villas by Caribbean Journal (2013)

The reputation is undeniable. It’s a place to be wooed by one of the best seascapes on the planet, where you can experience the Caribbean at its most beautiful.


It’s not all showmanship

Despite its tendencies towards beachfront superstardom, The Crane Barbados doesn’t make you feel constantly draped in the limelight. The property’s slogan puts it perfectly: we don’t come here to be seen, we come here to disappear.

There’s an excellent sense of privacy surrounding The Crane, accented by accommodations that let you melt into the calm and sequestered island surroundings. The guestrooms here are split into three distinct categories:
Residences by the Sea

The Crane has taken it upon itself to define the standard of luxury oceanfront accommodation in Barbados. Finished with touches of hardwood, stone, and authentic Bajan décor, the Residences by the Sea pair gorgeous design with stunning ocean views. They even come with fully equipped kitchenettes, giving you loads of options for independence.


Residences in the Park

The refinement that underpins The Crane is perhaps best embodied by the Residences in the Park. You might want to keep to yourself with a ground-floor room complete with a private garden, a dining gazeebo, and an outside Jacuzzi. Or maybe you’d like to slip away to a penthouse and enjoy your private sundeck with its own rooftop pool, BBQ, and bar. It’s all the trimmings of modern luxury wrapped up with authentic island peacefulness.


Historic Residences

With age comes class, and so it is with the Historic Residences: high ceilings, tall cedar doors, antique furniture, and coral-stone walls over 200 years old – all mainstays of the Historic Residences. The Crane has a long and rich history dating back to 1887, and The Historic Residences both encapsulate and reinvigorate this colourful heritage.

The precedent is set

This all stands in unquestionable testament to the high standards that define The Crane. When you throw free WIFi, 24 hour security and a fully equipped beach hut into the mix, the balance between old and new is perfected. There’s even a shopping village, with a department store, a weekly street market, and a coffee shop.

This is a whole new side to Barbados, and The Crane is the perfect place to expedience the island from a wonderfully cultured perspective.

If The Crane has captured your imagination, let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, tickle the orange button and we can have a good chinwag on the ins and outs. Make those daydreams real, Holidaymakers.


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