Top 5 Excursions: Tobago

April 3, 2017Charlotte

The peaceful atmosphere and unspoilt landscapes make Tobago a unique window into the hidden beauty of the Caribbean. Holidaymakers looking for an untouched essence of the classic at-one-with-nature island lifestyle, Tobago is your go-to. Even Caribbean connoisseurs are sure to find something fresh and inspiring here. Explore the island’s lavish history, culture, and biodiversity.

Dive-enthusiasts, romantics, adventure-seekers, bird-watchers, and beach lovers, this five point introduction highlights exactly why you need Tobago on your holiday hit list.

Cast your eyeballs over the spectacular sights with this interactive map for a little holiday inspiration. Just click the toggle on the top left to see all of the destinations at once, or view the map full screen by clicking here.

“Holidaymakers looking for an untouched essence of the classic at-one-with-nature island lifestyle, Tobago is your go-to. Even Caribbean connoisseurs are sure to find something fresh and inspiring here.”

1. Explore the Marvel of Tobago’s Underwater World
Tobago’s diverse and rich marine life is one of the best kept secrets of the underwater kingdom. Drift along the Guyana Current and pass through Kelleston Drain, home to the largest brain coral in the Caribbean. Keep those eagle-eyes peeled for Nurse Sharks and Manta Rays resting where reef meets sand! Diving enthusiasts, you’re in for a real treat. Welcome to paradise.

2. Set your eye-parts on Englishman’s Bay
Kick back and relax, Holidaymaker. This is the epitome of Caribbean rapture. And one of Tobago‘s most beautiful beaches at that. Englishman’s Bay is a perfect horseshoe of palm-studded yellow sands upon a backdrop of lush, dense rainforest vistas.

3. Feel the Rush of Argyle Waterfall
Attracting not just Holidaymakers, but locals to its torrent of cool, refreshing waters, Argyle is Tobago‘s highest waterfall. What’s more, it’s not hard to miss; being 54-meters high, the booming sound of the water rushing down 3 dramatic levels can be heard from miles before you reach it.

Argyle Waterfalls GIF

4.  Have a look-see at Tobago’s Feathered Friends
Luxuriate in Eden. Little Tobago is an authentic, premier haven for rare birds. Scope out some of Tobago‘s most cherished feathered friends from red-billed tropicbirds, to those magnificent frigate birds.

5. Immerse yourself in All of Pigeon Point’s Glory 
Looking for the perfect place to crank it down a notch? With white powdery sands, fringed by swaying palm tress and bordered by turquoise, reef-protected waters, Pigeon Point is the stuff that picturesque Caribbean postcard-perfect images are made of. Sample local delicacies, snorkel, and revel in those seascapes.

Pigeon Point

Escape to the world’s leading eco-tourism destination and discover some of nature’s most astounding pearls, Holidaymaker.

Count Yourself In

What are your favourite things to explore while your holidaymaking? We’re truly curious. If you could get up to absolutely anything, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.


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