Experiencing Barbados’ Crop Over

August 17, 2019Laura Sargeant

Heading off to Barbados’ sunny shores, Alex got to take part in the famous Crop Over celebrations, here is his run-through of everything they got up to during the most colourful festival in the Caribbean.

The Mimosa Party

On the morning of the mimosa party we had an early rise to be at the party venues by 6am. When we got there, we were instantly given mimosas. The entire site was covered in colourful decorations, with food and alcohol tents placed along the side of the dance area. The music could be heard from miles around with festival-goers from all over the world wearing the flags of their nations as well as a sea of Barbados flags.

People were dancing, eating & drinking for hours, which only broke a couple of times when there was a downpour, but on the sun coming back out the people would return to the centre of the field. The prime minister of Barbados even joined in the festivities! As the morning continued the crowd grew, with everyone mixing beyond the group they come in with for one big Crop Over party.


We departed for the Jamabalesse at 10pm from the hotel, after trying to get at least a bit of shut eye before the big night. As we got off the bus at the starting point, we could already hear the music and see people dancing in the distance. The first thing that we did once we got in there was go over to the body paints. Unfortunately, as much time as the artists spent on the pattern, they wouldn’t remain neat once we got on the road.

Once we were all painted, we went over to the food truck to grab one of Barbados‘ famous spicy or non-spicy curry wrap. Once the music truck started moving, we joined the crowd and started to dance our way through the streets. Locals from all over were coming out of their houses to sit and support us as we went. Food and drink trucks followed the entire crowd and we danced and drank for mile upon mile until the early hours of the morning. By the time that we got to our final destination it was gone 5am and waiting there for us was a full cooked buffet breakfast, which we all needed. Once back at the hotel the group made their way to the sea to wash the paint off.


The Kadooment parade started at 10am, as we sat in the box, waiting for the first wave of people to come dancing down the street. Once again, we indulged in food and drink and as wave after wave of colourfully dressed and well-spirited people danced their way down street and then disappeared off into the distance, we became move involved with the atmosphere of the festivities.

An hour into the festival celebrations, the group was down on the street, involving themselves into the party. The bands on the music trucks were booming, competing to win best overall band of the festivities. The streets were also crowded by news crews, reporting on the parade, and interviewing everyone that looked as though they were having a good time.

crop over Barbados

With colourful costumes, mouth-watering food and non-stop music covering the festivities, Barbados’ Crop Over festivities are a must-see to really take part in a bit of Bajan culture. Jump right in to the festival action with a range of events to fill every hour of the day, then relax beach-side in the Caribbean sun to take it all in.

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