Take an Instagram tour of the best things to do in Grenada

November 16, 2020Tom Spruce
Take an Instagram tour of the best things to do in Grenada

Take a whistle stop guide of the best things to do in Grenada thanks to the wonders of Instagram 

There are some amazing things to do in Grenada, far from just beautiful beaches

You may think that Instagram is all about wannabe models and pictures of people’s dinner. But it’s also really useful for getting to know more about places you’d like to visit. It can be great for a bit of escapism while we’re all confined to barracks. 

Which is why we thought we’d use the popular app to take a look at the amazing things you can get up to in Grenada. The Spice Island is an incredible place full of wonder and real Caribbean beauty.  

Whilst we can’t get away right now, our 2022 Collection can give you something to look forward to by getting that stunning Grenadian break on the books for less. 

But for now, here’s our list of the best things to do in Grenada, brought to you by Instagram

The Carenage

Now, first things first, St George’s is the capital of Grenada and it’s an absolute hub of amazing things to do. From forts to amazing restaurants and museums it’s chocked full of crowd-pleasing places. 

One such smile-sower is the Carenage, a delightful waterfront promenade which is reminiscent of a quaint harbour in a Welsh town.  

Beautiful little cafés, restaurants, and boutiques fill the promenade and give off a really welcoming vibe. It’s a great place to settle down for a bite to eat or coffee looking out over the water. 

The Beaches be Crazy! 

It’ll come as no surprise to most to hear there are some simply stunning beaches in Grenada. After all, it wouldn’t be a Caribbean island without a few incredible powder white sand beaches and azure waters now would it? 

Grand Anse Beach is one of the more famous stretches of coastline in the country, and with good reason. It surely is the image of a dreamy paradise island. Fall in love with the soft sand, perfect lilting ocean waves and the way the palm trees and other lush tropical flora frames the beach. 

A few lesser-known spots for the beach-lovers are Morne Rouge BayMagazine Beach & Tamarind Bay. Just around the corner from Grand Anse on the South West coast of the island is Morne Rouge Bay. If you like the sound of Grand Anse, but you’d prefer the noise turned down even more, this is the beach for you.  

If you want to go even lower on the busyness-scale, then head to Magazine Beach or Tamarind Bay. These secluded pieces of Grenadine shoreline lie just a little further down the coast than Morne Rouge and Grand Anse and deliver everything you’d want from a perfect Caribbean haven. 

Chocolate lovers of the world unite

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? Well, you’d be hard pushed to find a better activity for those chocolate-lovers than a trip to House of Chocolate.  

Not quite Willy Wonka’s place, but the House of Chocolate is a must-see museum in the heart of St George’s. Learn all about the history of the sweet confectionary in Grenada and across the world. Then settle down in the café and try some of the amazing stuff for yourself. There’s also a boutique where you can fill your boots with organic Grenadian chocolate. 

You’ll find the Belmont Estate on most Grenada guides. The large plantation has been a part of the country’s landscape since way back in the 1600s. After starting as a large producer of coffee and sugar it switched focus to nutmeg and cocoa in the 1800s and it’s fair to say the place hasn’t looked back.  

Take a tour around the plantation and enjoy some of the delicious organic treats for yourself. Whilst you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the stunning tropical gardens and animals which call the hills around Belmont home. The mona monkeys and macaws are a special delight. What a day out! 

Get your grub on 

Don’t miss the chance to fill your belly with some amazing grub in Grenada. The Caribbean is synonymous with vibrant cuisine and that’s no different here!  

BB’s Crabback is a different experience, settled not far from the Carenage we spoke about earlier, top chef Brian Benjamin serves up delicious Creole classics on the waterfront. Treat yourself to something special.  

Just a short boat trip away is Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar on Little Hog Island. Another example of laid-back Caribbean cuisine done extremely well. Indulgent BBQ feasts with fresh seafood are a particular speciality. Fiery jerk sauces and stunning beaches make the perfect accompaniments. 

But it’s not all just about BBQ’s, beaches and rustic charm when it comes to restaurants in Grenada. There are plenty of eateries in St George’s that will also offer that elevated experience too.  

Rum a cropper

The River Antoine Rum Distillery has been huge part of the heritage in Grenada since 1785. Situated up on the northeast coast the distillery is about an hour’s drive away from St George’s. But it’s worth the trip out to see the process of rum creation and to try some of the finished product. Be careful though, one of the rum’s produced here is so strong it’s illegal to try and bring it back home! Wowzers!  

Spice it up!

Let the sweet scents of beautiful spices entice you up to Dougaldston Spice Estate. Organic ingredients like nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon will provide the sweet aromas which follow you around the amazing spice plantation. Take some time out during your time in Grenada to see some old school cocoa prep too. 

Get more spice knowhow at Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden. This large grassy area is covered in a range of spices in their natural habitats. A guided tour will take you around the trees and plants talking you through their fascinating history and journey. Grab a sweet souvenir from the gift shop, spices straight from the source!  

National parks are national perks

Want some natural beauty when you’re looking for things to do in Grenada? Then you’ll be glad to know there are national parks which are so naturally beautiful it should be a sport to marvel at them.  

Grand Etang National Park is perfect for those who like to crack out the hiking boots when they’re away. Set up in the higher reaches of central Grenada. Sample the very best of nature by reaching the summit of Mount Qua Qua and staring down on the staggering beauty of the area. Then travel to the verdant banks of Grand Etang Lake. If you get a second to slow the pace, you’ll be treated to a glimpse of stunning hummingbirds working away feverishly. 

If it’s birds you’re looking for then Levera National Park is a dream come true. The great swathes of mangrove covering the area surrounding the park play host to a plethora of wildlife. This in turn means the park is a haven for Avarian visitors looking for a quick meal in the lush vegetation. 

Go chasing waterfalls

More stunning natural beauty comes in the form of the Annandale Falls. Just 15 minutes from the relative hustle and bustle of St George’s towards the southwest of the island. Take in the majestic falls or take a dip in the cooling waters. Some hardy souls also like to jump off the falls into the deep waters below.  

Another one for you falls fans out there. Royal Mount Carmel Falls in Grenville (about 10 miles from St George’s) come at the end of a 30 minute hike through beautiful plantation fields. Sweet scents of nutmeg and fruits follow you up to the falls which are the largest on the island dropping 70 feet into the deep waters below.  

Special sites below the waves

Definitely one of the strangest things to do in Grenada, in fact, forget that… it’s probably one of the strangest things you can do full stop.  

Underneath the glistening waters of Moliniere Bay lies an eerie underwater sculpture park. Life-sized human scupltures carved by Jason DeCaires Taylor are thought to be the first of their kind. Take a boat out from the capital and get up close and personal with the depictions like Viccisitudes – a group of children sculpted holding hands as a symbol unity & resilience 

If scuba diving’s your thing there’s also a plethora of world renowned dive sites in Grenada. The most famous of which has to be the Bianca C, the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. Now reclaimed by the deep a miasma of marine life now call the sunken liner home.

Colonial as f-orts

If you’re into your history and old-world scraps in-particular then you’ll love the sights dotted around Grenada and St George’s. Two of the more famous forts in the country are Fort George and Fort Frederick.  

Fort George has been in use on the island pretty much since its creation back in the 1700s. But even before that it served as a wooden fort built by French settlers back in the 1600s. Nowadays you can climb up to the top and witness some spectacular views of the island and the stunning coastline, including a glimpse of the impressive cruise ships in the harbour.  

If you want more perfect panoramic views out over the island then Fort Frederick is the place to go. Although, you’ll have to work for them, Fort Frederick is just 2km outside of St Geroge’s but the path to it is uphill to say the least. However, once you’re there you’ll be treated to a real piece of the island’s history.  

The “Backwards Facing Fort” as it’s known, due to it facing inland rather than out to sea, was built by the French as a way of defending themselves against similar attack to the fashion in which they captured the island from the British in 1779. Rather than attacking from the sea (as the British thought they would) the sneaky French attacked from inland and took the island with ease. This then led to the building of the fortification to avoid a red-faced defeat in similar fashion. 

Where to stay

There’s never been a better time to get your Grenada break on the books. The Royalton Grenada Resort & Spa is perfect for those beach lovers. Settled on an amazing two mile stretch of white sand beach on stunning Tamarind Bay.  

With Morne Rouge and impeccable Grand Anse just further up the coast you can have the relaxing stay in the Caribbean you always dreamed of. And with our 2022 Collection you can book the Royalton for less and give yourself something amazing on the horizon. Sounds pretty good right? 

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