Top 10 Tobago Facts – (Updated March 2021)

March 2, 2021Martyn

These Tobago facts will have you falling in love with the island all over again. 

There are some amazing sights and sounds on the island, but did you know these Tobago Facts?

Think you know your Tobago facts?

Did you know that Trinidad and Tobago was voted the happiest country in the Caribbean? Ok, so some Tobago facts aren’t hard to believe (I mean just look at the place!)

With that in mind, we won’t add that fact into our list, you can have that one for free!

Instead we guarantee the other 10 facts about the islands will not only have you adding it to your holiday hit-list but also give you some fact-fodder for the last few months of virtual quizzing!

1. It’s home the world’s largest brain coral

Trinidad and Tobago is full of surprises and a lot of those lie under the waves. One such curiosity is the world’s largest Brain Coral which resides in an underwater area known as Kelleston Drain which, it won’t surrise you to learn, is a haven for divers the world over. 

2. There’s a swimming pool in the middle of the Ocean (yes really!)

The Nylon Pool is a natural, 1 metre-deep crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon. Located off Pigeon Point, Tobago, and accessible by boat, there have even been rumours that this is the fountain of youth. If that’s not enough to make your decision to visit, I don’t know what is!

3. Highest density of birds

You don’t have to be a birdwatcher to fall for the birds of Tobago. Did you know the island has one of the highest densities of bird species in the world? There are around 220 varieties that adorn the shores and canopies, so if you take your checklist with you, it won’t take long to tick the boxes. (My favourite spot was the hummingbird)

4. The world’s oldest protected rainforest

The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is on record as the oldest legally protected forest reserve geared specifically towards a conservation purpose. An ideal hike and birdwatching site, it has a visitor centre and a network of nine trails to enjoy the reserve responsibly.

5. Home of the limbo

Contrary to popular belief, the limbo did not originate in Hawaii. The limbo dance originated as an event that took place at gatherings in Tobago and remains an entertainment failsafe worldwide. Typically set to the live sounds of steel pan drums, get practicing with the mop or broom at home and you could be a pro by the time you arrive on the island.

6. (Former) home to the hottest chilli in the world

Originating in Trinidad & Tobago, the Moruga Scorpion hot pepper was the first pepper ever to break 2 million Scoville Units and was the hottest chilli pepper in the world before being knocked off the top spot by the Carolina Reaper.

Each pepper packs the heat of around 400 jalapeños, so if you want to spice up your holiday dinners, you may want to work your way up to this one!

7. Home of the steel pan drum

The steel pan drum originates from Trinidad and Tobago and is the heart of much of its music. Playing calypso, reggae, jazz and even pop music, musicians weave the steel pan into delightful tunes that will provide the soundtrack to your stay on the island.

Top tip:

Visit Sunday School in Buccoo for the ultimate steel pan and party experience.

8. The origin of Robinson Crusoe

Tobago was allegedly the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island as well as being the setting for the movie Swiss Family Robinson. Myth has it that Crusoe arrived at Englishman’s Bay, on the North Coast of Tobago, when he was stranded out at sea. The secluded beach has been voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world and is a definite must visit.

9. Home of the party

Carnival is celebrated all over the Caribbean, but if you’re fixing to see some first class partying for the annual celebration then T&T needs to be top of your list. Consistently one of the highest ranking Carnivals in the world, Trinidad & Tobago knows how to party.

10. Award-Winning Chocolate

If you like your tours with a treat you can taste award winning chocolate as you enjoy an immersive experience at the Tobago Cocoa Estate. Winner of the silver award at the 2019 International Chocolate Awards for its Laura dark milk chocolate bar, the estate is a heritage park where you can learn about the history of cocoa in Tobago, see historical displays and participate in the fun activities at the estate including rum and chocolate tasting sessions plus the opportunity of a dinner that showcases the local cuisine of Tobago.

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