10 Pictures of the Dominican Republic to Fuel Your Wanderlust

August 6, 2021Holly Keates

We’ve got 10 pictures of the Dominican Republic to fuel your wanderlust.

Because is there anything better than looking at amazing pictures of other countries whilst you’re sat in rainy England?

Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana to start us off...
Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana to start us off…

As the second largest island in the Caribbean, you’re bound to come across incredible pictures of the Dominican Republic. White sand beaches and luxury escapes are some of the things that spring to mind when you think of the Dom Rep.

Instead of using your imagination, why don’t we just show you some snaps that just sum up how breath-taking this country is.

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1. Experience the sunrise on the beach in Punta Cana

Punta Cana Beach
Punta Cana Beach provides magnificent views

Punta Cana is known for its picture-perfect beaches, and we think this snap does a great job of showing it.

In the daytime it’s hard to see where the sky meets the ocean as it all blends into the perfect shade of azure. However, when the sunrises in the morning, watch beautiful shades of pink and orange reflect down onto the sea.

2. Indulge in the food

Delicious cuisine
Delicious cuisine

This shot of food in the Dominican Republic has us licking our lips. The country is home to many delicious dishes, with influences from across the world. The grilled fish you see is a popular meal that you can order almost anywhere in the Dom Rep.

As well as seafood making a common appearance on menus, you’ll also find meat stews, plantain mash, Dominican rice and tropical fruits.

3. Check out Dom Rep’s natural beauty

Aerial view of Laguna Cristal
Aerial view of Laguna Cristal

The Dominican Republic is full to the brim of natural beauty, including waterfalls, beaches and lagoons.

This beautiful lagoon boasts an incredible turquoise shade, in addition to being surrounded by magnificent greenery. Situated in the northern part of the Monte Plata Province, Laguna Cristal is truly picture-perfect.

As a result of being such a unique feature in the area, it is heavily protected. If you are near by, you can still stop by for a swim in the crystal clear water. However, it’s only advised if you are a confident swimmer, due to the depth of the water which is around 656 feet.

4. (Another incredible beach shot)

Dreamy beaches and swaying palm trees
Dreamy beaches and swaying palm trees

Okay, so we know we’ve already had a picture of a beach, but you can’t blame us for including this one.

Just imagine sitting underneath the shade of the palm trees as you relax with a book. The sound of the ocean gently lapping over the shore, and the soft sand beneath your feet.. In short, absolute bliss!

5. Go parasailing in Punta Cana

Take to the skies and go parasailing
Take to the skies and go parasailing

What a better way to get an aerial view of this beautiful country than to go parasailing? Whilst you’re high up in the air you can take in all of the amazing landscapes.

A lot of the beaches in the Dominican Republic offer this excursion, so we’d definitely recommend taking to the skies on your trip.

Plus, think of all the amazing pictures of the Dominican Republic that you could take from that height! (Of course, only if the company allows you to take a camera…)

5. Discover the wildlife

Did you know flamingos get their pink colour from their food
Check out the birds in the Dom Rep, and by birds we don’t mean females.

The Dominican Republic is home to several different species, one in particular that you will find more often is the flamingo. The best place to spot a flamingo is out in their natural habitat, although you can find them at some hotels and also the zoo.

Jaragua National Park is one of the country’s most significant natural reserves, and also where you will find flocks of flamingos. This picture is a perfect example of the wildlife that resides in the Dom Rep, so if you’re a nature or animal lover, it’s another great excuse to get yourself out there.

6&7. Explore the history and culture

Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo is so beautiful!

If you’re interested in learning about the history and culture of a country, the Dom Rep has a deep and rich one. The Zona Colonial is the historic central neighbourhood of the Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo. 

The history of the Dominican Republic was first recorded when Christopher Columbus landed in the Dominican Republic, in 1942, and claimed the island for the Spanish crown.

In 1990, the UNESCO declared Santo Domingo a World Heritage Site, describing it as one of the most beautiful old towns in the Caribbean.

Visit the vibrant and bustling streets

8.Dive into the beautiful waters

Watch you don't fall asleep and float away...
Watch you don’t fall asleep and float away…

If you can’t tell if this is the ocean or a pool, we don’t blame you. This one’s actually another shot of the beach, but this time of the crystal clear ocean water.

The beautiful waters make for an enjoyable swim or snorkel, and there is no need to worry about any seaweed wrapping around your leg.

9. Chase the beautiful waterfalls

We’re ready to chase El Limón Waterfall!

How amazing is this picture of El Limón Waterfall in Samana? The area around the waterfall is well preserved and you are not allowed to use a vehicle to reach them as it could damage the environment. 

You can reach these fantastic falls with a hike through the thick greenery of the forest, or even on horseback.

Cool off from your hike with the ultimate natural shower experience, and swim in the freshwater emerald pool

10. Find the best cafés and restaurants

One black coffee please!
One black coffee please!

We love this picture of a café in the Dominican Republic! The friendly locals, delicious coffees and vibrant buildings just make a trip to a café a must do.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking where to go for the perfect hot drink. Most cafes tend to brew coffee straight from locally produced beans, so they are rich in flavour and strong enough to keep you going throughout the day.

Are you ready to jet off yet?

We think these pictures of the Dominican Republic should be enough to get you ready to pack your bags and jet off into the sky.

On the other hand, you could be looking through your cupboards to try and find that Nikon that you said you were going to use one day…

If you’re either of the two, the Dominican Republic is a magnificent place to visit, and you’ll find picture-perfect opportunities around every corner.

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