Can You Guess the Kweyol Phrase?: A Multiple-Choice Quiz

11/10/2021Holly Keates
St Lucia

If you have visited St Lucia you have may have picked up a few helpful phrases, so, why not take our multiple-choice quiz and see if you can guess the Kweyol phrase…

Beautiful St Lucia with the views of the Pitons
Beautiful St Lucia with the views of the Pitons

Those who enjoy travel and all that is has to offer will know the importance of understanding a few handy translations. The usuals include hello, please and thank you, asking for directions, and of course ordering an alcoholic beverage.

St Lucia is a magnificent country, and you will find a mixture of different heritages, nationalities, and languages across the island. English is actually the original language of St. Lucians. However you will also find a lot of French-based Creole, also known as Kweyol.  

On your last trip, did you happen to learn a few phrases from the locals? Maybe Google Translate helped you find out what a specific word meant. If so, why not see if you can guess the Kweyol phrase with our multiple-choice quiz below.

(By the way, we’ve included some dog gifs because.. Why not? And is there anything cuter than a confused dog)

Non mwen sé ...

Correct! Wrong!

Non mwen sé Holly! Kouman non? (My name is Holly! What's your name?)

Mwen pa kompwann

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These are the types of phrases you should try and remember the most, especially if you find yourself in situations a lot where you don't understand what is going on.

Ès ou palé Anglé?

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"Do you speak English" is a handy phrase to know, especially if you are not confident speaking other languages.

Kouman ou yé?

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Asking someone how they are is usually only a good idea if you know how to reply when they ask the question back to you.

Mwen pa palé kwéyòl

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Although you may not know Creole, knowing how to say you don't speak it is an important phrase to remember!

Kastwi sé an piti vil

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We can't see you ever needing to use this phrase, but we're just keeping your brains engaged!

Mwen ka alé / Orevwa

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If you speak any French, this one should have been quite an easy one to get! Orevwa is very similar au revoir.

Ki koté pwévit?

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Definitely an important phrase to know, you don't want to get caught up in any sticky situations.

Can You Guess the Kweyol Phrase?: An Multiple-Choice Quiz
Hmm. not the best score.. Have you ever been to St Lucia or learnt any Creole, or were you just winging it?
Well, at least you know a few phrases. Hopefully they're the ones that will help you get by! Particularly "I don't speak Creole".
It's something! Did you just do a bit off guess work or do you actually know what you're talking about? Either way, we're not too disappointed.
Wow, not bad! It's a shame you had a little slip up, but we can all learn from our mistakes.
We're impressed! 8/8 and you didn't get distracted by the dog gifs, nice work.

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So, how did you do?

Did you know more phrases than you thought you would? Or, are you thinking of having a few Duolingo lessons to help out?

We think the best phrase to have memorised would be “Ès ou palé Anglé?” if you think you will struggle stringing a conversation together!

Or, if you want to practice some more Creole, why not book a trip there and get some practice first hand. Check out our St Lucia Resorts on Caribbean Warehouse for some magnificent locations to stay.

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