24 Fun Facts About Barbados: A Colourful Infographic For Island Addicts

January 31, 2022Tom Spruce

An eye-catching infographic giving you the facts about Barbados you didn’t know yesterday. 

Did you know that the Pirates of the Caribbean films are loosely based on Barbados’s felonious past?

In fact, two pirates named Sam Lord and Stede Bonnet, are known to have frequented the island regularly. Plus, you can see numerous shipwrecks on a snorkelling trip as an eerie reminder. 

In this infographic we’ll tell you more amazing facts about Barbados you didn’t know yesterday. Like whether it’s best to stay on the east or west coast, as well as telling you more about beautiful Bridgetown.

So, set your faces to stun, and let’s hear some more about this incredible island.

24 Incredible Facts About Barbados: The Inforgraphic

facts about Barbados you didn't know yesterday
These facts about Barbados will stay in your brain

Facts about Barbados's Parliament building and how it got its name
Barbados flag fact
How to fly the national flag
What do you call Barbados locals?
Facts about the influence of Britain and modern celebs
Carnival facts
Facts about Barbados food and drink
A brief history of Bridgetown
Lord Nelson and UNESCO have points of interest in Bridgetown
Where to stay in Barbados?
Fast animal facts
Did you know flying fish exist in Barbados

Graphics sourced from VectEezy

Another fact about Barbados for free

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