Lyndsey’s Escapades in St Lucia

January 28, 2016Lyndsey

St Lucia. Where to start? There’s so much to do, to see, to soak up. Lyndsey and her hubby enjoyed relaxing in the seas at Sandals La Toc Golf Resort & Spa, but it wasn’t long before wanderlust twitched their toes and they were out and about seeing what St Lucia has to offer. Prepare for adrenaline. And mud baths!

A Little Sun-Worshipping

Sandals La Toc Resort & Spa was a peaceful, relaxing home for our getaway. It’s set on a beautiful crescent shaped beach with the warmest waters I have ever swam in. We spent hours just floating in the clear waters, watching the fish swim around our feet. Our own little slice of paradise. We love a little sun-worshipping, but our wanderlust and inner explorer came knocking so we jumped at the chance to delve a little deeper into what St Lucia has to offer. And so the adventures began.

St  Lucia

Joe Certainly Knows

We’d heard a little rumour that Joe Knows had been crowned one of the best boat tours on the island. What better way to find out than to put it to the test. The Land & Sea Tour had our name written all over it.

We boarded the 12 seater speed boat in Castries and sped down the west coast of St Lucia to the beach of Soufriere, letting our eyes feast on the stunning backdrop of the Pitons. Wind in hair, shades on, you get the picture. With our feet back on dry land, we climbed on a bus and headed up to the top of the volcano where we bathed in an amazingly warm mud bath. Oh hello soft skin!

Caked in muddy goodness and filled with adrenaline from the sights of Holidaymakers seeking their inner child and having a good old frolic in the mud, we headed further into the rainforest where our natural shower awaited; the ice-cold waterfall. Wow, that was cold! The blast revitalised the senses and washed away the glorious mud, leaving us with the softest skin that’s promised by the most indulgent of creams.

St Lucia

We fuelled up on a delicious buffet at a local restaurant and jumped back on-board the boat ready for our next adventure. Snorkelling! The water was warm and clear so we had a top view of the rainbow of fish. Officially wooed by St Lucia’s delights, we relaxed on the beach sipping a glass of rum punch (make that two) before sailing back to Sandals La Toc Resort & Spa feeling pretty exhilarated by the sights of St Lucia. Joe Knows how to do an excursion.

Mastering the Segway

Next on the list; the Segway Tour. It just so happens that on the day my hubby and I chose to give the Segway Tour a spin, other Holidaymakers were preoccupied soaking up other epic sights of St Lucia. So, we were lucky enough to have the tour all to ourselves. The saying the cat that got the cream springs to mind! I was a little bit nervous about mastering the art of the Segway. But, after a few pointers here and there and a little practise on the training course, we were ready to hit the open trails. Segway officially mastered.

St Lucia

The tour lasted for 2 hours and the guide was fantastic. He told us tales of St Lucia’s history, pointing here and there at spots of interest and letting our eager eye see wildlife that we would normally have missed. In a magician style fashion he even produced fresh fruit and water for a light refreshment. Cue mother nature at her finest as the birds and lizards came to dine with us when the guide placed extra fruit in the trees and bushes just in front. The numbers and varieties of creatures was pretty spectacular.

On the way back, we took it up a notch. Quite literally. We cranked up the power so that we could Segway a little faster. It was really exhilarating whizzing downhill between the trees until we reached the beach at the bottom. My love of the Segway has stayed strong ever since. Now just to convince hubby to buy one for home.

If you want to treat your inner explorer to the sights of St Lucia at Sandals La Toc Resort & Spa, have a little tickle of this lovely orange button.


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