New Over-The-Water Villas at Sandals Royal Caribbean


One of the biggest attractions of a long-haul holiday is seeking out the world’s most breath-taking accommodations in the far flung corners of the world. There are balconies, beachfronts, and baysides spread far and wide, but the highest prize for the long-haul holidaymaker is an over water suite.

Typical among hotels in the Maldives, over water suites place you in an off-shore haven right on top of an exotic sea. It’s easy to see why they’re so desired: fall asleep to the rhythmic lulls of the tide, fill your lungs with the gentle tang of seaborne breezes, and watch the shallow sea teem with life all around you. Most holidays place you on the shore to wistfully overlook the ocean, but a water suite upends the perspectives, placing you in the privileged territory between the shoreline and the horizon.

And now Sandals Resorts are bringing the over-water concept to Jamaica, the first accommodations of their kind in the Caribbean.

Sandals Royal Caribbean is expanding its impressive catalogue of rooms with brand new Over-The-Water Villas, blending the charms of a tropical water suite with the signature Luxury Included® all-inclusive programme that defines Sandals Resorts. This is going to be a game-changer for Caribbean connoisseurs, and even stalwart champions of Sandals Resorts will find themselves stupefied.


Inside the Over-The-Water Villas

The Over-The-Water Villas will perch atop a floating deck just offshore from Sandals Royal Caribbean. Like any top-tier Sandals Resorts accommodation, the Over-the Water Villas will feature a Tranquility Soaking Tub for Two, a king bed wreathed in Egyptian linens, and an over-water hammock with room enough for a loved-up couple. But the Over-The-Water Villa is defined by its own special perks, completely unique within the Sandals Resorts portfolio. Here are the fundamentals:

The Caribbean’s first over-water accommodations
Reminiscent of a Tahiti–style bungalow, these gorgeous suites bring the exoticism of the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. You’re connected to the mainland via complimentary private boat transfers, creating an unrivalled sense of sequestered peacefulness. It’ll feel like the two of you have the whole blue world to yourself, and nothing could be more romantic than that.

Private infinity pool
You can admire the ocean from horizon-to-horizon from an infinity pool that’ll seem to rise seamlessly from the sea beneath you. You can also bubble the fun with your own Jacuzzi, and start each day bathed in sunshine in an outdoor shower.

Glass floor
Much like its pool and Jazuzzi facilities, the Over-The-Water Villas will blur the distinction between interior and exterior spaces, feeding the endless turquoise of the Caribbean Sea right into your room. A see-through floor panel will create a window over the kaleidoscopic vitality of the Jamaican shallows, with its own backlight for night-time sea-gazing.

Butler Elite Service
The value of the Over-The-Water Villas is not restricted to their physical prowess. Trained in accordance with the exacting standards of the Guild of Professional English Butlers, your personal butler makes every little detail of your holiday a moment to remember. They’ll serve you romantic in-room meals, make your reservations, draw your baths, attend to your wardrobe, and do pretty much anything else you ask. Just say the word and it shall be so.


Whatever floats your villa

The Over-The-Water villas are ideal for special occasions. Just imagine spending your honeymoon on a luxurious mote in the middle of an endless blue paradise, or celebrating your anniversary in a world of your own beyond the clutches of the modern world. It’s the essence of the dream, Holidaymaker.

If you’d like to know more about Sandals Royal Caribbean, have a press of that handy orange button. Otherwise, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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