Impact travel with Fathom Cruises: Immerse Yourself in Cuba & the Dominican Republic

August 26, 2016Katie Brooks

Postcard-perfect landscapes are plentiful in the Caribbean. Around every corner lies a geometric combination of tantalising colours waiting to be captured down the eye of a lens. Behind these incredible sights are the intricate workings of a vibrant culture.

Fathom cruises offer unique life-affirming holidaymaking experiences changing the world in a concept known as impact travel. Jump on-board Fathom Adonia and discover life beyond the lounger with two bespoke getaways that change your life; Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Fathom Adonia

“Fathom cruises offer unique life-affirming holidaymaking experiences changing the world in a concept known as impact travel. “

Fathom Adonia has the workings of a classic cruise complete with a pool, gym, games deck and spa for all your holidaymaking needs. A wealth of experiences are the extra ingredient making this 7 night getaway an idiosyncratic adventure. Cram your brains with cultural expertise as you set sail from Miami to spend 3 days alongside your fellow travellers supporting the local community.

Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn more about the everyday lives of Cuban communities acquainting yourself with artists, musicians, business owners and families. Walk in Hemingway’s footsteps in old Havana, feel the rhythm of acapella choirs permeate through your bones in Cienfuegos, gently brush your fingertips on the smooth metal bodies of classic American cars and be engulfed by architectural wonders.

Fathom Adonia

“A wealth of experiences are the extra ingredient making this 7 night getaway an idiosyncratic adventure.”

On-board Fatham Adonia, the immersive experience evolves. Perfect the art of making Cuban cocktails from Cuba Libres to Mojitos and Daiquiris. Dance the Romba or Son under the expert guidance of a dance instructor. Soak up the beats of native Cuban bands on-board for the journey. On arriving in Cuba, plunge into the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old Havana infused with an eclectic mix of museums, galleries and open-air festivals. Discover the costal city of Cienfuegos, aptly named the Pearl of the South, home to Cuba’s sugar, tobacco and coffee trades. Unearth the distinct Caribbean spirit of Santiago de Cuba punctuated by must-see historic sites. Retreat to your home on water to relax poolside while you’re transported between Cuba’s rich and vibrant culture.

Bring to life the experience on-board Fathom Adonia in Cuba with this handy interactive map.

“Learn more about the everyday lives of Cuban communities acquainting yourself with artists, musicians, business owners and families.”

Puetro Plata lies on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. White-sand beaches line the coast boarded by emerald-blue waters, tall mountains emerge from beyond the coastline and gentle Spanish tongues are heard in the nearby villages, spoken in its own Dominican flair.

Dominican Republic is a country of great beauty and great need. Find your own passion working alongside the local community creating a sustainable future with carefully developed projects. Develop the educational landscape by imparting your linguistic expertise teaching English, an important driver of employment. Aid the transition to self-supporting entrepreneurs with community-driven initiatives that empower and sustain communities. Get creative and facilitate stronger problem solving and creating thinking capacities within the young. Go green with forest and wildlife conservation working with cacao growers to plant and nurture cacao seedlings. Equip homes with access to safe drinking water using clay water filters. Fathom2 Docking at Amber Cove delivers you amid the Dominican Republic’s sought-after sights. Explore the San Felipe Fortress, discover the famed Brugal rum factory, tour the Amber Museum and stroll through Plaza Independencia. Head to the sandy beaches or kick back at Amber Cove’s pool with lazy river and private cabanas, reflecting on your achievements and rest in the knowledge you have changed the world.

Take a look at the goings on with this interactive map.

“Find your own passion working alongside the local community creating a sustainable future with carefully developed projects.”

Make your next getaway one that lasts a lifetime. Discover the self-fulfilment of impact travel on-board Fathom Adonia.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this unique experience, push the bright orange button or holla in the questions below.


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