A Complete Guide to Islas Marietas: Mexico’s Hidden Beach

March 16, 2022Melissa Keeling
Hidden Beach Mexico

Like the sound of visiting a hidden beach in Mexico? Of course you do. We’ll tell you all about one of the best beaches in Mexico with our complete guide to Islas Marietas.

Discover the beauty of Playa del Amor
Discover the beauty of Playa del Amor

Join us on a quest to find the hidden beach Mexico, otherwise known as Playa del Amor. Not so much a secret anymore but the beach remains invisible from the outside nevertheless. Imagine a wide, sandy cavern with the waters from the Pacific Ocean creating a picturesque scene. From the moment you enter the hidden beach you’ll be awe-struck at the beauty and simplicity that awaits. Making the trip over to the Marieta Islands to see one of Mexico’s most unique beaches is 100% worth it.

What Makes the Beach So Unique?

All beaches are special but this one really excels. Part natural beauty and part man-made the result is simply breath-taking. Completely hidden from sight the only way to catch a glimpse is from an aerial viewpoint or to embark on a voyage of discovery. Our guide to the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta will help you find more beauties.

Experience Islas Marietas for yourself

Where Can I Find the Hidden Beach?

The Islas Marietas are located just a few miles offshore from the popular Mexican beach destination of Puerto Vallarta and just off the coast of Riviera Nayarit. The hidden beach can be found within an island so the only way to gain access is to take one of the boat trips from Puerto Vallarta across the Pacific Ocean. The boat tours will take you just close enough but due to the island’s geography (more on that later), you’ll need to swim the last stretch to reach the hidden beach itself.

Tell Me More About the Hidden Beach?

Islas Marietas are comprised of 3 main islands and 6 smaller islands forming an archipelago. The islands are completely uninhabited and have been classified as a national park since 2005, known as Parque Nacional Islas Marietas. Plus, they also have the accolade of being a UNESCO biosphere reserve. As you’d expect there’s an abundance of marine life, flora and fauna on the islands. Renowned as a bird sanctuary, the islands are home to 92 species of bird, of which 40% are classified as endangered. Furthermore, in the surrounding water there are over 115 different species of fish including the King Angel Fish.

Keep a lookout for the many birds that call the islands home

What’s the History of the Islands?

The Marieta Islands were formed thousands of years ago as a result of underwater volcanic eruptions. However, legend has it that the hidden island was formed by more than a natural wonder. As we’ve mentioned the islands are uninhabited, making them perfect sites for military testing by the Mexican government. In the 1900’s test bombs are known to have resulted in the unique topography of the islands along with a plethora of caves and rock formations.

The pursuit to find the hidden beach started to gain popularity and by the mid 20th century the masses started to seek out the beach. As a result, the Mexican government decided to implement conservation measures and to limit the number of people visiting each day to 116. Therefore, it’s imperative to book in advance to ensure you get to visit.

The hidden beach is truly unique

How Do I Get There?

Boat excursions depart regularly from Puerto Vallarta, the journey takes about an hour. The boat ride is a great chance to partake in some whale-watching with humpback whales regularly glimpsed in the waters. Many boats also stop enabling passengers to dive into the waters and do some snorkelling.

Will you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the humpback whales?

Your boat ride will bring you as close as possible to Playa del Amor but you’ll then need to swim over to the hidden beach. Continue swimming below the caves and arches to emerge onto the stunning island. The whole experience just adds to the mystery of the trip. Whilst it’s not always an easy swim depending on the currents, you will be thankful you made the effort to reach paradise.

Enjoy your time at the hidden beach Mexico by soaking up the sunshine or choose to further explore the rocky archways and caves.

Time For Another Adventure?

With your search for the hidden beach complete you may be thinking of more ways to make the most out of your Mexican escape. One of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to visit the Islas Marietas and the hidden beach but for more inspiration, simply click the button below.

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