Blue Bay Travel is committed to allowing all web users access our websites, while providing a visually rich user experience.

Web Standards

All pages use structured, semantic HTML. Visual styling is provided by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and enhanced user interaction is provided by open-source JavaScript libraries (jQuery).

Where images have been used to show relevant content, a text-based alternative is provided.

Browser Support

Blue Bay Travel's websites are tested in the following browsers:

We believe in embracing the latest web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. As always, when technology moves forward some things get left behind… so, as part of Microsoft's own initiative to phase out the browser our websites and applications will no longer support Internet Explorer 6. We are also phasing out support for IE7 and Firefox 3. While the majority of content may still be accessible, to experience our websites and applications in all their glory they should be viewed in a more modern web browser (after all, IE6 is over 10 years old. In terms of browser technology, it's a dinosaur.).