5 More Reasons The Club Barbados is Right for You

January 21, 2015Tom

Not long ago, our Kirsty returned from a glorious holiday at The Club Barbados Resort & Spa. It must have made a lasting impression, for she speaks exceptionally highly of everything they have to offer. Her testimony containing 5 top tips is unquestionably convincing, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 more reasons that enshrine the The Club Barbados Resort & Spa as the ideal island escape. That’s the pretext covered, so let us venture forth and join the club.


1. It’s just for adults

Barbados is a great place to be, but not all resorts are created equal. Owing to its adults only set-up, The Club Barbados Resort & Spa can offer you three guarantees: peace, quite, and refinement. The core principle of The Club Barbados Resort & Spa is the refreshingly transparent goal of utter relaxation, naturally lending itself to the adults only format. In the name of this philosophy, The Club Barbados Resort & Spa offers three freshwater swimming pools, a freshwater Jacuzzi, and a signature spa well-equipped to unknot your tensions and disperse your stress. It’s a place for likeminded adults to reconnect in tranquillity, without worry or distraction.



2. It’s on the Platinum Coast

When in Barbados, one aspires to the West Coast. Known as the Platinum Coast, it’s an epicentre for the finer things in island life: the purest sand, the richest culture, and the best hotelsThe Club Barbados Resort & Spa is among their number, placing you at the forefront of the best the Caribbean can offer. Not only are the sea views spectacular, the ocean is renowned for its welcoming calmness. There’s also a fabulous array of beaches, tours and excursions just minutes away. Quite simply, it’s a friendly, romantic location, fully embraced by The Club Barbados Resort & Spa. Here you can escape to a better place, where everything is effortlessly beautiful.



3. It’s got that club feel

There’s a certain unspoken comradary that comes with a holiday to The Club Barbados Resort & Spa. Everyone is there for the same reason: the serenity of escaping as a couple (or friends) in a wonderfully refined environment. This endlessly enhances your time in Barbados, but it also fosters a rare breed of exclusivity.  The “Club” in The Club Barbados Resort & Spa represents a mutual understanding of the value of togetherness. By offering only 161 accommodations the ambiance is kept intimate, and everyone has the space to be themselves as they make the most of the excellent all inclusive programme. Quite simply, the club life is the good life.


4. Fine dining with a view

There are two restaurants at The Club Barbados Resort & Spa, each delivering its own slant on sophisticated dining. The Sunset Restaurant is the resort’s main restaurant, serving buffets for breakfast and lunch and à la carte fine dining for dinner. The Sunset Restaurant even holds a weekly barbecue, which is a great opportunity to get stuck in with some quality eats. Enid’s, on the other hand, serves some of the finest authentic Bajan cuisine the island has to offer. They even hold a cooking class where you learn to recreate some of their most delicious dishes for yourself. Best of all, the dining at The Club Barbados Resort & Spa always comes with a delightful ocean view, the best way to enjoy fine dining in Barbados.


5.  Been there, done that, made the video

As part of our newfangled InFocus video project, we had a good look round The Club Barbados Resort & Spa to sniff out its greatest secrets. With that in mind, let’s pause the chat so you can see The Club Barbados Resort & Spa through the magnificence of technicolour.

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And that’s a wrap! You now have 10 undeniable deductions as to why The Club Barbados Resort & Spa should be next on the list.

Have you been to The Club Barbados Resort & Spa yourself? Tempted to sample the club life? Lets us know in the comments below!

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