Sleuthing Sandals: A Secluded Celebration at Sandals Royal Caribbean


After a food-fuelled epiphany at Sandals Whitehouse, Tom moved on to the sample the best-of-the-best at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Brace yourself for some serious room envy…

If you’d told me I’d be spending my birthday on a private island in Jamaica I’d probably have slapped you silly for inciting false hope. But that’s exactly where I found myself when I rocked up to Sandals Royal Caribbean for the penultimate stay of my Jamaican adventure with Sandals Resorts.

The best way to describe Sandals Royal Caribbean is to invoke the image of the humble doughnut. Everything runs around a central circuit, from the French à la carte haute cuisine of Le Jardinier to the fast and fun jerk catalogue at The Bamboo Shack, pocketed with free-form pools carefully overlooked by colourful foliage. It’s almost like the resort was painstakingly thread through the gaps between branch and shrub until it stood in synergy with the island around it. Of all the Jamaican properties in the Sandals Resorts portfolio, it was Sandals Royal Caribbean that made me feel the most apart from the world, like I’d found a blind-spot far from the worries of the modern world.


I had the great pleasure of staying in a Grand Luxury Butler Palatial Suite with Balcony Tranquillity Soaking Tub, and you better believe that a room with that many adjectives is the swishest of digs. If the look and feel of Sandals LaSource Grenada has caught your eye, you should heed well the Grand Luxury Butler Palatial Suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean. The newly-finished Edinburgh Building at Sandals Royal Caribbean has been furnished with the same modern slant that has seen Sandals LaSource Grenada shoot to fame. It’s got the rich dark-wood vibe that encapsulates classic Sandals décor, reimagined in the context of contemporary design trends. I’ve not the verbal dexterity to articulate its utter loveliness with the precision it merits, so here’s a little video tour from yours truly:

As you may have gathered from the slap-threat of the opening line, my arrival at Sandals Royal Caribbean coincided with my birthday, which gave us the perfect opportunity to try out the ace-in-the-resort’s-sleeve. One of loudest boasts from Sandals Royal Caribbean is its private island, a naturally-formed coral islet kept elusively for Sandals Royal Caribbean guests. Its pride and joy is the Royal Thai restaurant, renowned for its authentic oriental dishes and gorgeous outdoor dining. That night we feasted on the delights therein, and the kind people in the kitchen even made me a cake! I’m not even exaggerating when I say this cake was the best cake ever made by mortal hands: light, fluffy, and elegantly finished with whipped cream. Simply delicious. The cake also served as a fitting metaphor for Sandals Royal Caribbean: even the tiniest of details receive the biggest, unrestrained passion imaginable.


If you’ve had your own secluded getaway at Sandals Royal Caribbean I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Otherwise, that delightful orange lozenge is your gateway to a sequestered Sandals Resorts escape.



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