InFocus Snapshots: Travel Tips for Tobago

November 29, 2015Tom

Tobago is a relatively new chapter in the Blue Bay Travel narrative. Our eye has been tantalised by its natural beauty many times, but Team InFocus mark our first concentrated effort to tell the story of Tobago to the world. Expectations were high, but the reports coming from the InFocus set are out of this world. If you’ve not really considered Tobago as a holiday destination, you should. This edition of Snapshots is packed with some behind-the-scenes travel tips as we anticipate the the final video edits being added to the InFocus video encyclopaedia. The message? Try Tobago, fellow Traveller.


The Highlights

Argyle Waterfalls
Our first experience of Tobago was Argyle Waterfall, a powerful body of running water sheltered by bamboo rainforest. The vision of the waterfall cleaving the jungle is spectacular, undulating over three plateaus with lazy pools budding off the central torrent. You could climb even higher, but you’d need to scale a rope to get to the second level. Ever the pioneer, James fearlessly climbed to the top to get all of the action, including a thunderous massage from the deluge of water at the falls’ summit. This is the raw, natural power of Tobago, perfect for the curious holidaymaker.

Crab Tree Restaurant
Every mention of Tobago seemed to involve a name-drop for Crab Tree Restaurant. It’s just down the hill from Fort King George, and we thought we’d see what all the fuss was about. We were greeted by the owner Alison and her chef (and husband) Kenneth, and their reputations as the best characters on the island certainly didn’t disappoint. The Crab Tree has no menus, so it’s full of delicious surprises. Curried fish, blackened pork and fried plantain marked the cuisine of the day when we arrived. The pork in particular was out of this world; the best food on the whole trip. Throughout our meal Alison kept us entertained with tales of her adventures, and we never wanted to leave. The Crab Tree Restaurant really represents the essence of Tobago: big characters, big flavour, and big love.


Rainforest Tour
Dexter was our guide to the rainforest, laden with wellies and the promise of amazing wildlife. We walked through the bamboo, the nutmeg trees and the birdsong as the sun dipped into the afternoon light. We felt like the explorers of old, taking in the authentic landscapes of the Caribbean. It’s something a little different from your average fly-and-flop tactics, and the scale of the foliage in Tobago is completely unprecedented. The rainforest is the lifeblood of Tobago, and a little adventure should be incorporated into every Tobago escape.

Healing With Horses
Healing With Horses is an attraction that helps make the world a better place. Paying tourists are welcome, but it also offers free experiences for those with learning difficulties. A horse will choose you at the ranch, you’ll spend some time getting acquainted, and the journey together will help you let go of your worldly concerns. Tina was the only one taking part today; the tours are very small to ensure the horses receive the best care. Tina was chosen by Jennifer, the horse that began Healing With Horses, and it felt like a real honour. The walk begins with a stroll to the beach via the mangroves, ending with a splash in the sea. The conclusion of the tour was incredible: the waves crashed and the horses galloped with glee. It was a great way to unwind and end our time in Tobago.



Tobago Snapshot

I’m sure you can’t wait for the final cut of the Tobago InFocus videos, so here’s a little behind-the-scenes footage to tide you over:


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There are lots of adventures to be had, Holidaymaker. Be inspired.


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