InFocus Snapshots: Sterling Insights for St. Lucia Escapes

December 16, 2015Tom

St. Lucia is a destination loved by holidaymakers all over the planet, but its popularity doesn’t mean it hasn’t got a few little secrets up its sleeves. That’s why Team InFocus embarked on an epic video adventure to capture the essence of St. Lucia on film. While the final touches are added to the official videos, here are some highlights from the journey behind the lens.


The Highlights

Helicopter Tour
St. Lucia is renowned for its glorious emerald hillsides and rolling mountain ranges, and the best way to see it is a parrot’s eye view. James (the InFocus cameraman) is a helicopter pro and has flown many a time, but it was Martyn’s first time taking to the skies! We had the best view of The Pitons and beyond, effortlessly flitting between the iconic landmarks as we took in the gorgeous coastlines of the island. This is definitely the best way to take your sight-seeing to the next level.

Hotel Chocolat Bouca
This is the Hotel Chocolat! As a self confessed chocoholic, Martyn had been looking forward to Hotel Chocolat the whole trip. The sweet, indulgent aroma of cocoa was everywhere, and we had the opportunity to make our own chocolate bar completely from scratch using raw cocoa. We ground the beans into a paste using a mortar and pestle, adding the crucial ingredients of butter and sugar along the way. As we formed our tasty treats we were taught about the history of chocolate, and poured a little of this legacy into the mould. There’s no language that can adequately express the delicious of this chocolate. The view from the hotel is also pretty incredible, looking onto The Pitons from an infinity pool. A treat for all the senses, in the truest way possible.


Tet Paul Nature Trail
Tet Paul is around 2000ft above sea level, and the bracing hike rewards you with panoramic views of St. Lucia, including the much-idolised Pitons. It’s an excellent way to get an intimate understanding of the the lay of the Lucian land, in particular the sheerness of the mountains and the vibrancy of the lush jungle cover.

Lucian Country Life Tour
A truly authentic experience of St. Lucian culture is the Lucian Country Life Tour, incorporating 5 acres that grow local food and and typify the life and times of St. Lucian. We were greeted by Arthur, the owner himself, and he passionately talked us through how the island has grown and developed over the years. At its heart this is a journey through the natural resources of St. Lucia, sampling the best fruits and food along the way. Arthur introduced us to golden apples, which tasted astonishing; so sweet and delicious! It’s a great way to better understand the cultural roots of St. Lucia.



St. Lucia Snapshot

While we’re waiting for the full-length videos, here’s a glimpse straight from the set of InFocus:

Get a little inspiration

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Otherwise, have fun setting your St. Lucian escape in motion, Holidaymaker.


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