Sandals Resorts’ Delectable Cuisine: All-Inclusive Global Gourmet™ Dining

August 10, 2016Katie Brooks

Four-time Emmy® Award Winning Chef Walter Staib describes dining as an epicurean journey. Each delicious mouthful sparks a burst of monumental delight as every sense is brought to life; heavenly moments to be savoured.

This philosophy is at the heart of Sandals Resorts’ gourmet dining experience led by Walter Staib himself, the Culinary Ambassador to Sandals Resorts. Behind each gourmet offering is the intricate craftsmanship of Executive Chefs whose finesse delivers the finest fare. Sandals Resorts pride themselves on their commitment to next-level dining experiences around the clock.

“Behind each gourmet offering is the intricate craftsmanship of Executive Chefs.”

Sandals Negril

5-star Global Gourmet™ Dining
Enlighten your taste buds with beautifully crafted cuisine delivered in 21 unique culinary concepts and styles savouring flavours from the far-flung corners of the Earth. Taste the salt-kissed freshness of the finest seafood, relish in the flavoursome spices and intricate aromas of Asian fare, and savour the rich flavours of Italian culinary delights. Sandals Resorts’ 5-star Global Gourmet™ dining serves exquisite cuisine to Holidaymakers time and time again.

Taste it all 
From the finest cut of steak to the freshest lobster, each expertly prepared entrée is included in Sandals Resorts’ Gold-Standard all-inclusive programme. Reconnect your senses with the smells and tastes of your favourite delectable dish. Step away from your usual palate and let new flavours seduce your taste buds. Charm your wanderlust with authentic banquets accompanied by the Caribbean’s beautiful backdrop. You can be sure to feast like a king for no extra dollar.

Dine around the clock
Mouth-watering offerings are waiting to be savoured from the first glimpse of sunlight through to moonlight at a pace to fit any holidaymaking itinerary. Indulge in an imitate dining experience, devour brick-oven pizzas poolside, or let the sweet smell of the French Pâtisserie and Crêperie entice your sweet tooth. Picturesque vistas accompany the finest fare whatever the hour.


“The Sandals Resort philosophy brings together 21 unique culinary concepts and styles savouring flavours the far flung corners of the earth.”

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Go taste the world, Holidaymaker.


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