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August 12, 2016Tom

It’s always good to have a balance of relaxation and exploration when you embark on a long-haul holiday. If you’re going to travel half way around the world, you may as well see the sights and learn the lay of the land.

Caribbean holidays rarely come with the flexibility achieved by Sandals Resorts, where a plethora of land and water sports are amplified by exceptional diving and golfing programmes that distinguish their luxurious portfolio.


“Diving in the Caribbean opens up a vast, mysterious, otherworldly perspective on one of the planet’s most beautiful regions.”

Unlimited Scuba Diving
Diving in the Caribbean opens up a vast, mysterious, otherworldly perspective on one of the planet’s most beautiful regions. Fish, coral and turtles create a trove of oceanic colours where the land slips beneath the turquoise surface, and Sandals Resorts provide exceptional diving facilities for aquatic adventures. Top-of-the-line equipment includes state-of-the-art Newton Dive Boats, aluminium dive tanks, silicon masks, weight belts, PADI® certified staff and unparalleled dive locations spread across the Caribbean. Student-Instructor ratios are kept at 4-to-1 for safe, enjoyable diving, so you can delve deeper into the hidden narratives of the Caribbean’s most spectacular destinations.

New Divers Welcome
Sandals Resorts have an excellent programme for new divers, too. Get involved with their exclusive PADI® Certification Programme and go from diving novice to nautical pioneer in roughly 3 hours. You learn all the key diving skills in a dedicated dive pool, practise your swimming and wading skills, and benefit from an informative video covering all the fundamentals. Certification only requires $100 for participation, and your qualification allows you to discover dive sites across the Caribbean. The programme has already created 70,000 PADI® certified divers, making Sandals Resorts one of the top 5 diving institutions in the Western Hemisphere.

“All Sandals holidaymakers receive 2 free rounds of golf, or unlimited free golf if you stay in a butler-level accommodation.”

Great for Golf
Golfing is a dearly-loved sport among holidaymakers from the United Kingdom, and golfing in the Caribbean is the finest way to get into your swing. Sandals Resorts open up opportunities at some of the finest golf courses in the Antilles, and all Sandals holidaymakers receive 2 free rounds of golf, or unlimited free golf if you stay in a butler-level accommodation. Everything is on-hand for every skill level, even if you’ve never held a golf club before.

Grand Golfing Locations
Golfing with Sandals Resorts incorporates three prestigious locations. In Jamaica, the Sandals Golf & Country Club stretches over a rolling landscape with sweeping views of the sea and mountains. In Saint Lucia, Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa offers a magnificent golf course on-site with undulating hills and majestic fairways. In the Bahamas, Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course stretches over 7,000 yards, named one of the best courses in the Caribbean by Travel+Leisure. Whichever island you choose for your holiday, a leisurely tryst on the green is never far away.


“Sandals Resorts’ claim to fame is their inclusion of motorised and non-motorised water sports, all utilising the best equipment.”

Miscellaneous Adventures
A smorgasbord of miscellaneous land and water sports round out the offerings of Sandals Resorts. Sandals Resorts’ claim to fame is their inclusion of motorised and non-motorised water sports, all utilising the best equipment. As the largest water sports operation in the Caribbean, Sandals Resorts commands a fleet of over 270 boats to offer a range of activities including wakeboarding, water-skiing, snorkelling, tubing, bodyboarding, aqua trikes, Hobie Cats and glass bottom excursions. If  sea legs aren’t your thing, dry land also hoasts a hoard of activities, including croquet, beach volleyball, rock-wall climbing, basketball, bocci ball, shuffleboard, lawn chess and table tennis.

Life is good with a Sandals Resorts holiday, where every moment can be lived at whatever speed suits you best.

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It’s time for an adventure, Holidaymaker.


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