Tell us your holiday habits and we’ll pick your perfect 2021 hotel

September 23, 2020Tom Spruce
Woman relaxing at her perfect 2021 hotel

Looking forward to getting away again? Well just tell us your holiday habits and we’ll reveal your perfect hotel.

Okay, we can all agree that 2020 hasn’t exactly been “our year”. So we think the first thing everyone needs next year is a beautiful stay your perfect 2021 hotel.

With all the uncertainty in the world at the moment you want to be sure that the next getaway you take is ideal for you. We know that the best way to achieve holiday perfection next year is to find your perfect 2021 hotel. So let our compatibility quiz pick the ideal resort for you using our stunning 2021 Collection

Take care of your break

Picking the perfect break for you and your family can be a pressure job. Allow us to alleviate some of the stress that comes with choosing a storming break for your group.

Take our quiz and take the stress out of picking your perfect 2021 hotel
Our quiz can take the stress out of planning your 2021 escape

All you have to do is answer these probing behavioural questions then voila! We’ll channel our inner Derren Brown to whisk you through to your perfect 2021 hotel!

Or if you’d prefer to do the legwork yourself, then check our full 2021 Collection now. Go on, you deserve it!

Show us your habits and we’ll show you your home from home for 2021

Flight timewasting activity:

Woman sitting on a plane

First thing you do when you get to the hotel

Boy jumping into a pool

Ideal first evening meal

Pasta meal

Pick from the breakfast menu

Breakfast selection

Holiday drink of choice

Man drinking a beer in a pool

What excursions are you booking

Woman a swing in the jungle

What would you get up to on the beach

Inflatables on a Caribbean beach scene

It’s your last day, what are you doing?

Man relaxing in a pool

Tell us your holiday habits and we’ll pick your perfect 2021 hotel
Excellence El Carmen
Be Live Collection Punta Cana
Impressive Premium Resort & Spa
Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort
Occidental at Xcaret Destination
El Dorado Seaside Suites
Harbour Club
Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

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