10 TikTok Travel Accounts You Can’t Miss

August 20, 2020Martyn

Because TikTok is way more than just dance trends, we found the top accounts to fuel your wanderlust…

1. @jasontodolist

Now this is the kind of to-do list that we would like to complete!

2. @terplanet

Join Terence & Karen as they show you around the planet.

3. @traveltropic

Your Daily Dose of Tropics.

4. @vacations

Travel the world 15 seconds at a time.

5. @riotravelers

The TikTok travel couple Trent and Sarah will have you in a constant state of wanderlust.

6. @thedailytraveler

Travel the world, right from your phone.

7. @awwtravelers

Mirjeta and Fiton treat you to a glimpse of their travels.

8. @eatlivetraveldrink

Professional traveler Nicole Sunderland gives you all the tips and tricks.

9. @adventureul

Travel the world, right from your phone with the cool gang at UniLad.

10. @vive.mexico

Moments of Mexico brought to you in 15 second snippets…

Do you have your favourite TikTok accounts you would like to share? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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