Grenada Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on This Stunning Island

25/08/2021Holly Keates

Are you ready to prove your Grenada knowledge? Take our quiz and see how much you really know about this incredible country.

Grenada and it's beautiful beaches
Grenada and it’s beautiful beaches

We don’t need to give a big spiel about how amazing Grenada is, because we’re sure you already know. From the beautiful beaches to the magnificent culture, there’s plenty of things to learn about the island.

So, why don’t you test yourself and see just how much of a fan you really are. If you have read our recent Grenada Travel Guide, you should pass with flying colours. However, no cheating!  Use that big brain of yours to try and remember as best as you can…

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The main currency is the US Dollar

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What is the popular dish Crabback made up of?

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Georgetown is the capital city of Grenada

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What is the name of the most loved beach in Grenada?

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What is Grenada also known as?

Grenada's Beautiful Ocean
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What is the celebration called on the second Monday & Tuesday in August?

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What spice is Grenada the largest exporter of?

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Which one of these is NOT one of the more popular music choices in Grenada?

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What is 'walking the cocoa'?

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Grenada is home to the world’s FIRST Underwater Sculpture Park?

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Grenada Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on This Stunning Island
Oh dear, what were you thinking? Did you even read the title of this quiz? Maybe you should have just cheated after all!
At least you got a few right, although you're clearly not the Grenada mastermind that we thought you were. Maybe do a bit of revision next time.
Half way there, not bad. Could a trip away to Grenada help improve your knowledge?
You're definitely headed in the right direction! You might just need a bit more guidance, another read through of our Travel Guide could help.
So close to that golden 10! We will still say a big well done to you though, we're impressed.
WOW! Hip hip hooray, you got the magical 10. Well done to you, you clearly did your Grenada revision.

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So, how did you do?

Did you completely ace the quiz or was it a bit of a flop? If you’re not feeling too good after your result, don’t worry we’ve got your back!

Check out our Instagram tour of the best things to do, or if you want some in-depth information, our Travel Guide is the perfect place to start.

If you fancy doing some more quizzes, we’ve got plenty to keep you busy. Just click the big green button below. 

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