St Lucia Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Island?

16/08/2021Tom Spruce

Take our super tough St Lucia quiz and prove how well you know the stunning island.

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Take our St Lucia quiz and show us how well you know the island

We all know and love the island, but our St Lucia quiz is designed to sort the wheat from the chaff.

If you think you know your stuff when it comes to the glorious destination then we say, put your money where your mouth is. Punk. 

Although, if you’ve come here on the back of our St Lucia travel guide, you should have enough smarts to ace it. 

Take the quiz 

What is the locally brewed beer of choice on the island called?

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The capital of St Lucia is the city of Castrol

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The capital city of the island is actually Castries

How many miles of coastline does St Lucia have?

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The Pigeon Island National Park is a purpose made sanctuary for the feathered pests it's named after

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It's actually for more interesting that a flying vermin's flop house. The stunning island is actually a former military base and pirate hideout. Shiver me timbers!

St Lucia is home to the world's only drive-in volcano

Is this the Pitons?
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Sulphur Springs is actually the world's only drive-in volcano. But forget about driving into a heaving angry red hole in the earth, it's actually a top attraction on the island

How tall are those pesky Pitons?

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Marigot Bay on the north coast of the island was famously the original setting for which 1967 film

st lucia caribbean warehouse
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Where should you head for a memorable Friday night on the island?

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What is the St Lucian delicacy known as lambi?

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The iconic twin volcanic peaks in St Lucia are known as The Pitons but what are their individual names?

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How well do you know St Lucia?
mmm... not the best. Maybe more research needed.
Not bad, but we're sure you can do better.
Oooh! Close but no cigar
Honestly, we're impressed. Do you want a job?

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In need of some more swatting? Dont panic, we can tell you everything you need to know to fill the gaps in your St Lucia knowledge. 

Whether you want to know about the top natural attractions or where to get amazing chocolate, we’ve got you covered. 

But for now, how about we tell you where you can get some pretty awesome digs on your visit. Click the button below to see our top Rodney Bay resorts, that’s the sort of info you won’t get from a quiz. 

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