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Substantially less British than the name would suggest, the British Virgin Islands consist of over 40 islands frequently identified with elite holidaymaking. Names associated with the rich and famous often find themselves in the same breath as the British Virgin Islands, and the archipelago's reputation of ultra-luxurious resorts and high-end socialising is completely justified. BVI holidays are Caribbean escapes taken to supreme levels, completely unmatched in the sphere of long-haul travel.

Flight time: Approx 8.2 hours
Passport & Visa: No visa required for UK passport holders
Currency: United States Dollar
Time Zone: GMT-4
Language: English
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Average temperature (℃)


BVI holidays are enriched though its disparate cultural curiosities, including national parks, copper mines, forts, museums, churches, burial sites and old plantation estates. This rich heritage placed the British Virgin Islands right at the heart of the Caribbean's post-colonial legacy.


Culinary diversity is at the core of dining in the British Virgin Islands, where local delicacies meet high-flying cuisine. Whether you enjoy a fun, casual atmosphere at one of the beach bars or an exquisite fine dining experience, epicurean pursuits are commonplace.


From the surf-worthy waves of Apple Bay to the pristine white sands that blanket Elizabeth Beach, every BVI beach has its own identity to discover. With endless skies and inviting water, every day of your holiday will come with a different beach adventure.

Things To Do

See the spectacular vistas by land or sea, hike to the top of Sage Mountain, or visit one of BVI's 28 National Parks. Eclectic experiences define the British Virgin Islands, where world-leading recreations and flawless landscapes form the underlying texture of this upmarket collection of islands.

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