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United States of America's Top Ranked hotels

Holidaying in America removes all barriers. Neither language nor culture can hold you back, and 50 individually characterised states provide limitless options for stellar escapes. From the Caribbeanesque environs of Miami to the cultural capitol of New York City, the USA has quite literally everything for quite literally anyone.

Flight time: Approx 9.5 hours
Passport & Visa: ESTA no later than 72 hours prior to departure. Customs Declaration Form on arrival
Currency: American Dollar
Time Zone: GMT-4
Language: English


The USA has extensive cultural and ethnic influences through which idiosyncratic American social and cultural characteristics have flourished. Each state emits individual features that are waiting to be devoured.


The USA's sport scene is not to be missed. Baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey all host internationally renowned teams, and ever game showcases a fantastic atmosphere providing quality entertainment for new-comers and dedicated sports fans alike.


A vast continent brings with it a vast array of cuisine, and America holds just that. Traditional American cuisine uses ingredients such as turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, squash and maple syrup. With the eclectic goings on of America, you'll soon work up the appetite to taste bold street food and gourmet fare.