Katie Discovers Sandals Part 2: Getting to know Sandals Barbados

October 10, 2015Katie Brooks

On my journey to discover what’s what at the recently opened Sandals Barbados, it soon became clear it holds everything I need and then some. What’s more, with Mother Nature at her best, I managed to experience a sight that was turtley awesome! Yes, it involves turtles!

The Paddle Board Master

After making the most of Sandals Barbados’ incredible all-inclusive luxury, I felt the need to equal out my food to activity ratio. So, I decided to take to the seas. Out of the whole host of inclusive activities available at Sandals Barbados, I chose one that was less physically demanding. Paddle boarding. It was also more of a sun worshipper’s way of making the most of those sunny skies whilst *technically* working off the lobster, jerk chicken quesadillas, and all the other mouth watering food that’s on offer at Sandals Barbados. With a range of water sports to choose from, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of the beach. Paddle boarding certainly ticked that box. It’s a fun way to while away the afternoon while feeling like you’ve earned an extra cocktail for, well, sunbathing vertically. What’s more impressive is that after a few initial wobbles, I managed to master the art of paddle board without falling in! Hurrah!

The paddle board master!
Check it out, still standing!

Turtley Awesome

What’s not to love about a turtle, right? There’s something about their mottled brown shells and inquisitive sticky out necks that give them that sassy ninja charm. Well, shrink these reptiles back to their infancy and their ability to allure doubles. Now imagine, if you will, a whole host of these baby turtles all scuttling across the sand to reach the water’s edge in a brave act of freedom and you’re presented with a sight that would make even the most aloof non-animal lover want to coo. And it all happened at Sandals Barbados.

Is that Michelangelo?
You can’t help but say ‘awwwww’

On a regular afternoon at Sandals Barbados, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and over 100 more of their brothers and sisters raced across Dover Beach to their aquatic freedom. To describe the experience would only do it an injustice. There’s something about seeing a sight like that first hand that makes your time in paradise even more special. As a protected species, the turtles’ triumphant transition to the water makes the plight even more spectacular. Dude, they’re like turtley awesome!

Which one's Leonardo
Where’s Raphael?

This is all part of the Bajan charm that oozes from Sandals Barbados and makes it an all round brilliant getaway. From the Sandals Barbados staff who are just as passionate as the passing Holidaymaker and make you feel like a welcome friend, to the impeccable facilities that add even more luxury to the Sandals Barbados experience. Sandals sure have got it right.

Get involved

If you’d like give  Sandals Barbados a spin for yourself, just have a cheeky push of that lovely orange button. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Bajan adventures, holidaymakers!


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