Quiz: What Type of Traveller are you?

March 27, 2020Tom Spruce
What type if traveller are you?

Whilst we’ve got some time on our hands we thought you’d like yo find out what type of traveller you are. Find out now

What typical trip tickles your fancy

You know what it’s like, you’re in isolation so the only thing you can think about is getting out and doing something. Well, we think this has given us a great opportunity to see what type of traveller you are

If you’re sick of booking holidays that haven’t been exactly your cup of tea, then you need our fool-proof test to determine what you should be looking out for when it comes to booking your next break

You might think you know what you like, but you’re wrong. You barely know yourself. But it’s not your fault, this quiz didn’t exist the last time you booked a hol. 

So why not get to know yourself a little better and then start getting those dream breaks on the horizon. Find out what type of traveller you are now. 

What type of Traveller are you?

How do you book your escapes?

booking your next holiday

What can you never leave home without?

Leaving home

What is your holiday book genre of choice?

Beach reading material

Pick a place

choose a destination
Chichen Itza
Jungle living
Spa Luxury
Relaxing next to the pool
Quaint new town

What is your favourite way to get the latest news

How do you get your news?

What do you look forward to the most about holidays?

Do you like spontaneity?

Do you like spontaneity

What type of Traveller are you?

You're the Adventurer

Just call you Indiana Jones! You throw on your satchel and head out into the great big world. As long you have a plan for where you're going you're not afraid to try something new. You don't like to waste time lounging by the pool, you'd rather get out there and do something! It's adventure calling Dr Jones, will you answer?
Luxury Lover

The Luxury Lover

One for the finer things in life. Sure going out and doing some sight-seeing is great one day at a time. But you can't go schlepping around miscellaneous towns every day when you're away. A cocktail by the pool sounds much more inviting, so does getting glammed up for a meal by night.
Gram baby

Doing it for the Gram!

Ahhh the social wall flower. You love anything as long as it looks great and will send your followers into a jealous tizz. You can't leave home without kissing your pets goodbye. Afterall, when you're back home and there's a dry content day, there's always Mr Schnukums to give the likes a gentle boost.
Culture Vulture

You like to get out there and experience other cultures

You're not afraid to try new things. Your the one in your friendship group that's always suggesting the more off the wall restaurants when you're looking for a place to eat. Not a huge fan of sitting on the beach, unless you've got a juicy autobiography to sink your teeth into. Because who wants to be sunning it up when you could get plenty of sun checking out some ancient ruins! Expand your minds guys!
Go with the Flow-er

Sit back and go with the flow

Who cares where we go as long as we have fun, it could be worse, you could be in work! If you've got a smile on your face when you leave for the airport and a decent planetary shoot-em-up in your hand luggage you're as happy as a pig in plop.

So now you know who you are, where are you going? 

Take our destination quiz to find out where you should be jetting off to. Then before you know it you’ve taken two quizzes and got your next holiday sorted! BOOM.

But if you fancy staying put and wasting more time, click the big green button below and test your skillz against our complete list of brilliant quiz blogs. 

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