Quiz: The Caribbean Warehouse Weekly Travel Quiz – Week 2!

November 20, 2020Tom Spruce
The Caribbean Warehouse - Weekly Travel Quiz

Week 2 of our weekly travel quiz is here!

It’s week 2 of our weekly travel quiz. Which means it’s time to don your thinking caps again and try to top your score from last week.  

Those of you who didn’t score highly shouldn’t find it too hard to better your first week’s total in week 2.  

Prove your Caribbean smarts

Every week, to either try to alleviate your boredom or give you some future quizzing ammo, we conduct out Caribbean Warehouse weekly travel quiz.

Try this latest set of brainteasers and let us know how you get on.  

Try Week 2 now!

Straight out of the blocks with a flag question, we know you love them!

Guess the flag
Correct! Wrong!

Which Caribbean island has the world’s oldest rum distillery?

Correct! Wrong!

Barbados has been the home of Mount Gay Rum since 1703!

Which Caribbean island’s waters are home to “flying fish”?

A flying fish takes flight out of the water
Correct! Wrong!

The “flying fish” is so named because of its aerial acrobatics as it leaps from the water and its fins which resemble wings.

Where would you be if you were in the Port of Spain?

Port of Spain and it's beautiful surroundings
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Port of Spain is, in fact, nowhere near the European country

Castries is the capital of which Caribbean island?

Castries sits beautifully on the Caribbean coast
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Castries is the capital of St Lucia and the largest city in the country too.

The national dish of Monserrat is Goat Water

Correct! Wrong!

It's True! More of a stew that water. But goat water is served at celebrations in Monserrat

There are more people living in the Cayman Islands than businesses registered there

Woman suns herself on a Cayman Islands beach
Correct! Wrong!

It's False! In fact, there’s over 100,000 companies registered in the Cayman’s, but just over 65,000 call the islands home

Which of these Caribbean islands was James Bond written in?

Correct! Wrong!

Amazingly enough all 13 Bond novels were penned in Jam Rock! We can’t wait for Rasta-Bond.

Chichen Itza is one of the wonders of the world but which Mexican state is it in?

Chichen Itza
Correct! Wrong!

Yuca-to be joking! Nope, it’s true the world-famous ancient site lies in the Yucatan peninsula 

Which Caribbean country has the most UNESCO world heritage sites

Correct! Wrong!

There are a whopping 23 UNESCO protected sites in the Caribbean and Cuba boasts 9 of them! 

The Weekly Travel Quiz - Week 2
Crikey, more work needed on your Caribbean knowledge!
Middle of the road
Nice knowledge! Next week we expect 10's
A perfect 10! You're going to crush that geography zoom quiz you've got planned! If you have one planned and there's a large Caribbean section... pretty niche stuff. Well done though...

Give week one of our weekly travel quiz a go now and test your Caribbean knowledge to the max!  

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