If You Did Any of These 14 Things in 2020, You Need a Holiday in 2021

December 28, 2020Tom Spruce
You need a holiday in 2021

If you found yourself doing any of these things in the horror show that was 2020, then you definitely need a holiday in 2021.  

2020’s been tough, you need a holiday in 2021

2020, would not recommend

Okay, we can all agree that 2020 was to the Gregorian Calendar what dog poo is to a freshly cleaned street.  

2020, it came it saw and it destroyed all the plans… 

You probably need a break

We all found our different ways of coping with the turmoil happening all around us. Some kept fit with the help of Joe Wicks and others just embraced their inner sloth and decided to log some hours on their favourite streaming service.  

But now we’re getting closer to the world returning to some semblance of “normality” and our Big Blue Sale is back. So, there’s never been a better time to look back on a terrible year and if you caught yourself doing one of these 14 things you really need to top up your vitamin sea levels! 

You need a holiday in 2021 if you managed any of these… 

1. Found yourself spending your lockdown savings on holiday clothes 

A plus side to the pubs and restaurants being closed was most of us were able to save some brass. But it all means nothing when you replace that cocktail sized shape in your heart with summer clothes and nowhere to go…  

2. Caught doing something embarrassing on a zoom call  

We’ve all been there, your favourite tune comes on the radio and you’re absolutely shredding the vocal in your best Arianna voice. Then you see it, you’re not on mute and your bosses have just heard everything… 

3. Attempted to make your favourite cocktail at home, with disastrous consequences  

You should always leave something as serious as cocktail creation to the professionals. Instead, you ended up with raspberry mulch all over your cabinets and managed to produce a concoction which resembles pond water in colour, consistency and taste. 

4. Doomscrolling through all the bad news on your timeline 

In 2020, more than ever, you needed to keep across the news. But, unless you were researching Captain Tom, you just found yourself scrolling your way into a black hole of bad news. Before you knew it you were more terrified of real life than you’d ever been of those Netflix horror series. The Haunting of Bly Manor? More like the Haunting of My Timeline 

5. Doomscrolling through your old holiday snaps 

Not as terrifying as the news, but no less frustrating. You didn’t need that sort of nostalgia in your life. That poor, smiling, tanned fool in those pictures didn’t know what was coming for them. 

6. ‘Accidentally’ reported that pic your friend shared from the beach 

Go on admit it. You saw the red mist… they’ll never know.

7. Can’t remember what the sun feels like 

The sun-struggle was real… especially when winter came and you could’ve been forgiven for thinking you’d become some strange amphibious creature with all the rain we had. 

8. Looked at the calendar in disbelief – because it’s still not January 2021 

Seriously though, 2020 should’ve been the year of the dragon. Get it, drag-on, because it’s dragged on… *cough* 

9. Ate more snacks on the sofa than should be humanly possible  

Let’s not linger on who finished off the family bag of Doritos, or where all those Jaffa Cakes went… You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 

10. Fantasised about the all-inclusive 

Ahh, those halcyon days. Well, we promise the all-inclusive will return. By all that is holy we swear it! 

11. You’ve plotted faking your own death and moving abroad under the alias Val de Mort 

We all had dark moments… but you didn’t act on it right? No, of course not, *slowly sweeps fake passport under the furniture with foot* 

12. Completed Netflix  

There’s nothing left for you here 

13. You’ve found the perfect destination and deal 

There it is, the perfect 2020 escape route, just waiting for you to hit “buy”.  

14. You’ve already drafted the perfect holiday announcement for social media – with just the right amount of smugness 

Well, get that bad boy warmed up. Our Big Blue Sale is here and it’s the perfect thing to finish your 2020 in the best possible way – with an awesome break on the books and a smug social post displaying Picasso-like craftsmanship to announce it!  

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