The Hardest Landmarks Quiz

27/01/2021Tom Spruce

Previously we’ve tested your flag smarts and general knowledge, but how will you fare with our Landmarks Quiz? 

With the tyranny of home-schooling gripping the nation, parents all over are scrambling for syllabus filling content. Well, relax, we’ve got you covered for a bit with our latest brainteaser, the hardest landmarks quiz.  

Expand your mind

COVID has put a stop to our travel plans and rendered our schools pupil-less, but that won’t stop us.  

It just means we have to work a little harder to entertain ourselves without turning to Netflix every two seconds for a bit of light relief.  

Show off your landmarks knowledge

We’ve decided to come to the rescue with our landmarks quiz. But, be warned, it’s a toughie. If you can muster full marks in this examination, then algebra should be a walk in the park… which we also can’t do unless you live next to a park… you lucky beggar! 

So, without further ado, lets get into this slippery little bleeder… 

Take the Hardest Landmarks Quiz now

[wp_quiz id=”32751″]

If you loved this, why not take a swing at our Hardest Flag Quiz or click the button below to taken on all our other Caribbean Warehouse quizzes to really get your grey matter working.  

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