Test Your Caribbean Knowledge With Our Barbados Quiz

03/02/2021Tom Spruce
how well do you know Barbados?

You may be a veteran of the Bajan coast, but are you willing to put your knowledge to the ultimate test with our Barbados quiz. 

We all love Barbados, for years the island nation has been at the forefront of luxury when it comes to delivering paradise on earth. But how much more do you know about the place, other than it’s pretty? We’ll find out with our Barbados quiz. 

Barbados coastline
We all know the island looks good. But how well can you fare in our Barbados quiz?

Beat the lockdown blues

With half of the UK trying to fill out a home-schooling syllabus and the other half endeavouring to create brain-teasing zoom quizzes to fox their mates.

Let us take some of that head-scratching and tiresome research & development out of the equation for you.

Feel free take on our Barbados quiz and test your knowledge of this incredibly diverse country. Then why rob the questions and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a ready-made geography round! 

So, how well do you know Barbados?

Which famous golfer got married in Barbados in 2004?

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Mount Gay rum is the world’s oldest rum and it’s distilled in Barbados, but which year was is created?

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The island’s name translates to ‘bearded lady’

Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas
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Barbados was originally dubbed ‘Los Barbados’ which, actually, means "bearded one" by Portuguese explorer Pedro a Campos after the abundance of bearded fig trees on the island

What is the national sport of Barbados?

Grass in sports field
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There are 1,000 rum shops on the island

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There’s actually over 1,500!

What weapon is depicted on the flag of Barbados?

What symbol lies in the middle of the Barbados flag?
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The weapon depicted on the flag is actually Neptune's trident which was taken from the country’s colonial crest. Now the shaft of the trident is broken to symbolise the country’s split from Britain

Which body of water completely surrounds Barbados?

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How many species of bird are there in Barbados?

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Barbados is home to flying fish and singing pigs?

Sea Turtles
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Although, it's half true! Singing pigs don’t exist unfortunately, not in Barbados not anywhere. Flying fish, on the other hand, are prevalent in the country and are actually considered a delicacy

Which famous singer calls the island nation home?

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How Well Do You Know Barbados?
More research needed
Unfortunately, the total of what you know about Barbados and 49p wouldn't get you 50. Luckily, we know just where you should go to get some further research done - and how to get there!
Middle of the road
It's not the best performance... looks like a trip to the bearded lady's on the cards. Where you can enjoy some singing pigs and swim in the Sea of Tranquillity - that's one hell of a trip! We thought we'd left the oven on, but that burning smell was just you thinking!
Not a bad effort
No shame in that score at all! You can show your face around the streets of Bridgetown without disgrace. You're wiping your feet on the welcome mat of a big score here
You're a certified Barbrainiac!
Congratulations, you're up there in the hallowed turf of the top markers! We sprinkled that quiz with our fair share of red herrings, so a big score is no mean feat! Way to cut through the noise!

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