The Hardest Caribbean Country Emoji Quiz

February 17, 2021Tom Spruce

If you can guess all the answers in our uber tough emoji quiz then you deserve all the rum in Barbados.

people place their hands around a face drawn in the sand on a beach
The last people to take on our Emoji Quiz can’t stop seeing faces everywhere

😵 Emo-jeez!😵

You might think you’re aware of emojis, so our Emoji Quiz will be nothing to you. 

But, nothing can preapre you for the sheer, unadulterated annoyance and confusion this brainteaser will induce. Think, out of tune whistling x loud chewing… Yeah, it’s that level of annoying 😤.

We see them everywhere we go now

💩 Challenge Accepted 💩

Up until now they’ve sat benignly in your keyboard, only coming out to make someone laugh, emphasise a point or prevent you from having to write a complete sentence. 

Now we’re going to challenge your knowledge of these little buddies 🙈.  

We’ve put together a list of Caribbean islands or countries spelled out in Emojis. All you have to do is guess the answer and click on the question to flip the card and reveal the answer. 

We even see them on our food, including poop cookies

What are you waiting for?

😎 Take the Emoji Quiz 😎

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