The Hardest Flag Quiz – (Updated Feb 2021)

February 19, 2021Tom Spruce

We’re back with an updated flag quiz. Forget 10/10, if you can get number 8 we’ll be impressed

coloured flags hang on a row outside
Think you know your national colours? Try our Hardest Flag Quiz now

Think you can boss our updated flag quiz?

Because you guys loved our flag quiz so much, we decided to regenrate it and come back with more flags for you to tackle

The Caribbean is a beautiful part of the world as we all know. It’s also crammed full of island nations which makes it a perfect hunting ground for flag trivia. 

international flags flapping in the wind
Look at them there, flapping away… mocking you

Feeling confident?

You’ve probably explored the region extensively, with a laundry list of Caribbean holidays under your belt. 

But how much do you know about the countries flags? If you managed to break into the 8’s,9’s or 10’s last time out, we promise you won’t get there this time. 😈 

So what are you waiting for? Come and have a go if you think you know!

The Hardest Flag Quiz Ever

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Quizzy Rascal

How did you get ont this time? We think it was even tougher this time around.

If that quiz has whetted your apetite for more quizzing, how about trying your hand at more brainteasers from our stable? Just click the button below to see all our quizzes. We’ve got everything from landmarks to emojis, so just pick your poison.

Let us know how you got on over on our social media. Challenge your friends or just brag about how smart you are!

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