Take This Quiz And We’ll Reveal Whether Your Roadmap Leads To Barbados or Mexico

April 23, 2021Tom Spruce

It’s time to find out whether a trip to Barbados or Mexico lies at the end of your Roadmap to Paradise.

It’s a tough decision but where do you see yourself kicking back when the travel doors reopen?

Take our latest quiz and we’ll reveal whether your Roadmap to Paradise leads to Barbados or Mexico. 

We recently told you all about the best Barbados resorts for your holiday buck. But should you even be thinking about the island?

Would Mexico suit you better? 

Fear not, there’s no big decision to be made, just take our quiz and we’ll do the legwork for you.

Take the Barbados or Mexico quiz

First of all, choose some luggage

Choose an inflatable

Choose a beach

Mexico Marvels Caribbean Warehouse

Tell us your evening meal choice process

Choose a meal

Choose a drink

Books and coconuts in the Dominican Republic

Choose an excursion

You like to get out there and experience other cultures
Do you prefer to get out into nature and get the blood flowing? Or do you like to get to know the story of a destination?
Show hint

Choose a pet (just because)

The Pictures You Choose Will Reveal Whether You're Roadmap Leads to Barbados or Mexico

You're a dog loving, take it as it comes type of person, get booking your Barbados break now you laid back beauty! (Not sure what the dog thing has to do with that...)

Ahh the meticulous planner who likes a touch of the finer things in life, we bet the end of the toilet roll is folded into a point in your house. Anyway, embrace your planner and get started on plotting your lockdown ending trip to Meckiko! Ariba!

Share your Results:

Just tell us who you are to view your results!

Of course, we could be wrong…

It doesn’t happen often, but we’re human and (as anyone who’s been on a dating website will know) sometimes the science lies

So if you didn’t get the right result, or you fancy somewhere else for your big breakaway, click the big button below to see our latest awesome offers

These are bound to brighten up your roadmap. 

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