How To Experience 3 Incredible St Lucia Hotels For The Price Of One With Bay Gardens Resorts

April 26, 2021Tom Spruce

We’ll tell you how you can get the most bang for your buck in St Lucia thanks to those crafty folks over at Bay Gardens Resorts. 

Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa
Let us tell you how to get the most bang for your buck in St Lucia thanks to Bay Gardens Resorts

We all love value for money on holiday. But three St Lucia resorts for the price of one has to be pushing it, right? Well, we want to share the incredible secret of Bay Gardens resorts with you. 

In this blog we’ll tell you all about the three hotels under the Bay Gardens resorts banner in St Lucia. And let you know how you can pay for one resort while being able experience the all-inclusive offering of two others

Sounds too good to be true… we assure you it isn’t! 

Get to know Bay Gardens 

Bay Gardens Resorts have something for everyone. Comprised of three individual resorts:

So, what’s the deal with the three resorts in one thing?

Each destination offers it’s own benefits. However, undoubtedly, the best thing about Bay Gardens Resorts is the ability to access facilities at all three sites. But, we should point out, you must book all-inclusive to get this three-resort perk.

So, for example, you can book your all-inclusive room at Bay Gardens Inn. Then grab a bite to eat at Bay Gardens Hotel. Before taking the shuttle bus over to the nearby Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa for an indulgent spa treatment or a muck around in the Splash Island Water Park.

Moreover, you’ll be able to utilise Bay Gardens’ unique dine around facility. Where you can dine out at selected local restaurants up to three times in a 7 night stay. It’s all included in your all-inclusive offering!

Enjoy everything Rodney Bay has to offer, from beaches to bars

So within the price of a stay at one of the resorts you’ll actually be getting a spa, fitness centre, four pools, a water park, and a choice of loads of amazing restaurants. In addition to that enviable positioning on Rodney Bay.

But let’s break it down for a second and tell you a little more about each of the Bay Gardens Resorts.

Bay Gardens Inn 

One of the two resorts in the trio to be situated a little further inland. Bay Gardens Inn offers a more secluded, private garden, approach for your St Lucian escape. 

With just 33 rooms, local to incredible Reduit Beach, and access to all the bars and restaurants in Rodney Bay, you’re perfectly positioned for a memorable time. But it’s great to know that you can retreat from the bright lights of the Bay to your own cloistered cloud nine whenever you like. 

The stunningly secluded surroundings of Bay Gardens Inn

So if you’re looking for a little seclusion on your break, then Bay Gardens Inn could be the best base out of the trio for you. Click the link below for more details

Enjoy the silence at Bay Gardens Inn with our latest offer now

Bay Gardens Hotel

Much like Bay Gardens Inn, Bay Gardens Hotel offers a boutique space further inland. 

With 87 rooms the resort is the largest of the lot. It also offers the most pools of the trio, boasting three in its manicured grounds. So if you’re something of a water-baby or you just prefer having more space to stretch your legs in-resort, this is the one for you. 

Bay Gardens Hotel is the largest of the three resorts

Again if you plump for the all-inclusive option you can make the most of the two other sites and all those incredible Rodney Bay restaurants. Take advantage of that free shuttle service and make the short journey up the coast to Reduit Beach. 

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Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

If you’re travelling as a family or you prefer your island resorts to be on a glistening stretch of sand, then this is the resort for you. Settled on incredible Reduit Beach you’re in the perfect position to take advantage of one of the best beaches in St Lucia. 

In addition to the stunning location Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is also home to La Mer Spa and Splash Island Water Park. The kids will love the water park, set out in the Caribbean Sea. Splash Island is in fact the largest open-water park in St. Lucia – Think Total Wipeout meets Ninja Warrior in the middle of the azure Caribbean Sea.

Splash Island lies just off the beach in front of Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

A stay at Bay Gardens Resort & Spa also comes with the most choice of in-resort dining out of the three. With four restaurants you don’t have to head out in the evening if you don’t feel like it. 

The better choice of restaurants and that thrilling water park showcase why this resort is a hit with families. However, you have a grown-up experience here too. The same free shuttle bus which ferries people to Reduit Beach can take you the other way into Rodney Bay. Which means you can experience the shops, bars, and restaurants too. 

Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is perfect for entertaining your little ones

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More Top Tips for making the most of your Bay Gardens break

  • If you’re staying at any of the three resorts you also get full access to Bay Gardens Beach Club – located in Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa on stunning Reduit Beach
  • As we said, you can get the shuttle between the resorts or enjoy the 10-minute walk instead – it’s really not far, just make sure you’ve packed the sun cream
  • Friday night is street party night with the famous ‘Jump Up’ taking place on Dauphin Street in Gros Islet, just minutes north of Rodney Bay in a cab
  • If you’re thinking of getting hitched the Bay Gardens team offer brilliant packages
Gros Islet’s ‘Jump Up‘ street party is the place to be on a Friday night in St Lucia

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