Take Our Swiper Quiz And Tell Us Where You’ll Be Going When International Travel Returns

April 5, 2021Tom Spruce

Tell us where you will be going in when international travel returns by taking a crack at our swiper quiz. 

Where’s on your travel hit list post-COVID?

International travel returns! 

As we continue to creep back to normality and international travel returns, we thought you should tell us where you want to go

Now much as you’d probably love to choose every destination below, especially after the year from hell, you can’t pick them all. There are rules to this little swiper quiz. 

We want to know your top five. Where are the 5 Caribbean destinations you’re dying to explore when mid-May rocks around we’re free to roam again?

Just give your faves a thumbs up, or swipe right, and swipe left on the places you’re not so desperate to see.

We can’t wait to experience scenes like this again

Pick your 5 Faves

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Barbados 1/15
Jamaica 2/15
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic 3/15
mexico Caribbean Warehouse
Mexico 4/15
What is the capital of Curacao?
Curacao 5/15
Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort
Trinidad & Tobago 6/15
Panama 7/15
Costa Rica 8/15
The colourful streets of Cuba
Cuba 9/15
St Martin 10/15
Beaches Turks & Caicos
Turks & Caicos 11/15
St Lucia 12/15
Antigua 13/15
Aruba 14/15
Pigs, The Bahamas
Bahamas 15/15


20 8
14 14
Dominican Republic 3
Dominican Republic
12 16
mexico Caribbean Warehouse 4
17 11
What is the capital of Curacao? 5
10 18
Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort 6
Trinidad & Tobago
15 13
panama 7
4 24
Costa Rica
13 15
The colourful streets of Cuba 9
8 20
St Martin
13 15
Beaches Turks & Caicos 11
Turks & Caicos
20 8
St Lucia
22 6
Antigua 13
20 8
19 9
Pigs, The Bahamas 15
20 8

Let us tell you

Maybe you’d prefer us to tell you where to go. Well, we can do that to with our other recent quiz. 

Just click the button below and we’ll get busy employing science to decifer your ideal 2021 getaway. 👇👇

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