5 Waterfalls to Chase in St Lucia

22/07/2021Holly Keates

Okay so we know that TLC said don’t go chasing waterfalls, but the waterfalls in St Lucia are too good to not be chased.

Toraille Waterfall. Picture Credit: Wikimedia
Toraille Waterfall. Picture Credit: Wikimedia

From picturesque views to refreshing dips in the calm pools of water, the waterfalls in St Lucia are something else.

There’s always an adventure to be had, and the natural beauty of St Lucia provides it all. The wet season in the Caribbean paired with the mountainous terrain means incredible waterfalls have formed across the country.

If you have decided your next trip away is going to be to this beautiful location, a visit to a waterfall should be on your agenda.

Diamond Waterfall. Picture Credit: Ted McGrath
Diamond Waterfall. Picture Credit: Ted McGrath

Top 5 Waterfalls in St Lucia

  1. Toraille Waterfall
  2. Sault/ Errard/ Dennery Waterfall
  3. Diamond Waterfall
  4. Superman Waterfall
  5. Piton Waterfall

Whether you just want to go for the magnificent views or if you fancy a swim in the invigorating waters. Here are some of our favourites for must-visit waterfalls in St Lucia:

Toraille Waterfall

Administered by the St Lucian government and near the town of Soufriere is Toraille Waterfall. It falls over a 50-foot cliff side into a plunge pool amongst lush greenery. Grab your swimsuit and have a dip in the water as you take in the incredible scenic views.

The space around the waterfall is a well-organised setup. The car park is just a few minutes’ walk from the falls and there are changing rooms nearby.

Toraille Watefall is a Heritage Tourism Site. Picture Credit: anax44
Toraille Watefall is a Heritage Tourism Site. Picture Credit: anax44

In addition, it’s important to note that there is an entrance fee. However, after you go through the entrance hut, the walk up to the falls is just a short distance and there’s plenty to enjoy whilst you’re there.

For those who don’t fancy a dip, there are benches around if you just want to enjoy the scenery. The botanical landscaped garden also provides a pleasant stroll.

As a result of it being such an accessible waterfall, it is one of the more popular ones. There are also Sulphur Springs nearby, so a lot of visitors like to visit the waterfall to wash off and cool down after a day at the volcano.

Sault/ Errard/ Dennery Waterfall

This waterfall is known by a few names, so don’t be confused if you do a Google search and nothing comes up. For example, on Google Maps you will find it as Errard Falls. But it is also known as Sault Falls and Dennery Falls.

It’s located on the outskirts of Dennery, which is a quaint fishing village in St Lucia. If you’re up for an adventure and a bit of a hike to reach the Falls, this is a great spot to visit. It’s not as busy as other waterfalls due to the fact that it’s off the beaten track.

Dennery Falls

There is a Zipline Centre which can be used as a landmark to find your way to the waterfall. Once you reach there, it’s a couple more miles up a deteriorated road until you find a trail. You will find on some directions they tell you to look for an abandoned ticket kiosk, however this is no longer there.

Once on the trail, it’s around five minutes until you start hearing the soothing sounds of the water falling. To get to the falls you have to cross some rockpools, so it’s recommended you bring some water shoes or go shoeless.

You’ll be amazed by the phenomenal waterfall as you watch the water drop 60 feet into the shallow pools of water. If you want to experience standing underneath the falls, you do have to climb on some rocks.

In short, it’s one of the beautiful and secluded waterfalls in St Lucia that we’d recommend visiting if you are ready for an adventure.  

Consequently the hike up to the falls is rewarded by the magnificent views you’ll be able to take in.

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Diamond Waterfall

Fancy a trip to a colour-changing waterfall? Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens in Soufrière offers just that (kind-of..). The water is filled with different minerals from volcanic rocks and rainwater, meaning that the colour of the water appears to change.

In addition to the beautiful waterfall, the Botanical Gardens are full to the brim of vibrant plants that are every colour of the rainbow. All year round you can see magnificent greenery, from ixora to hibiscus, the land is packed with plant life.

The Vibrant Foliage Found at the Botanical Gardens. Picture By: Ted McGrath
The Vibrant Foliage Found at the Botanical Gardens. Picture By: Ted McGrath

Although the waterfall is very tempting and you may want to stand underneath the falling water, it is for viewing only. On the other hand, the garden sits on the original site of spring baths that date back to 1784. You can take full advantage of these as they are open to the public. So become one with the tranquil environment as you relax in the private bathhouse.

There is also a spectacular rainforest nature trail that includes a 1975 sugar cane mill. The Old Mill and Waterwheel were used originally to crush sugar cane. Later the waterwheel was used as the first source to generate electricity to the village of Soufriere.

You can still see a lot of the old equipment on your visit, and the waterwheel is still functional. However, they’ve definitely found quicker ways to source their electricity.

Superman Waterfall

Again, near the town of Soufrière, with a short hike through verdant greenery is the breath-taking Superman Waterfall. A 50-foot waterfall most famously known for its appearance in the 1980 film Superman II. It was the beautiful backdrop for the scene where he picked flowers for his sweetheart, Lois Lane.

The hike up to the falls offers different views of tropical plants and fruit trees, it’s an amazing trek to take in all of the tropical surroundings.

Once you reach the waterfall you have the opportunity to cover yourself in the ‘anti-aging’ mud that is at the base of the falls. Rinse off in the cool pools of water, or if you fancy one of nature’s showers, stand under the gushing waterfall.

A trip to the waterfall can’t be done without a reservation and a prearranged booking. So, ensure you have a place booked before you turn up in your swimming cozzie. You can usually book a tour through your hotel, or by calling the number on the entrance sign.  

Piton Waterfall

After a hike up the Pitons, what a better way to relax than in a warm spring. Also located in Soufrière, and on the way to Petit Piton, is the refreshing Piton Falls. The water doesn’t actually come from the Pitons, it’s thought that it’s called the Piton Waterfall due to its closeness of location.

It’s not the tallest of falls in St Lucia, but it’s still a beautiful spot to visit. The flourishing forest surrounds the waterfall and there are sulphur springs from Soufrière Volcano. There’s a drop of around 30-feet from the top of the waterfall, and a small pool at the end.

The Pitons are a Five Minute Drive from Piton Waterfall
The Pitons are a Five Minute Drive from Piton Waterfall

It’s around $8 in eastern Caribbean dollars, or $3 US dollars to enter, so it’s not an expensive trip out. There is also free parking outside the entrance, so if you want to take a car there you will be able to park up.

As it’s not one of the most popular waterfalls in St Lucia, you should find that it is quieter than some of the others. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, Piton Waterfall is a perfect fall to visit.

Don’t stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to

After this recent heatwave in the UK, we’re wishing we could be under one of these waterfalls right now.

From the beautiful scenery to the refreshing pools, these waterfalls are the perfect trip out on a sunny day in St Lucia.

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