13 Times Sulphur Springs St Lucia Exploded On Instagram

July 23, 2021Tom Spruce

It may be unlucky for some, but these 13 pics show why Sulphur Springs St Lucia is the destination to have on your social media.

Two people pose covered in mud from Sulphur Springs St Lucia
Here’s 13 times Sulphur Springs blew up on Instagram

Being the world’s only drive through volcano (yeah you read that right) Sulphur Springs St Lucia is one of the top spots to be snapped on the ‘gram

However, St Lucia itself is already no stranger to Instagram. With lots of stunning sites, a plethora of waterfalls and the odd incredible view, once you’ve made it to the top of the Pitons

So, what’s so special about Sulphur Springs?

What is Sulphur Springs St Lucia?

Also known as the Soufriere volcano, Sulphur Springs was created as a result of a collapsed volcanic crater

Although the site is technically a volcano, hence all the hot springs, sulphur and steam. It hasn’t actually erupted for over 200 years and is now considered to be dorment. 

So, relax and start enjoying yourself. 

People standing in water under a waterfall
Volcanoes, waterfalls, and exfoliation make for a great day out

Why Sulphur Springs?

Sulphur Springs St Lucia is, seriously, a must-do attraction. The tour of the area is one the best things you can do on the island. Taking you on a voyage of discovery which starts in the volcano and ends at the waterfalls. 

Take a soothing dip in the hot springs. Then leap into the popular mud baths before washing it all off in one of the best waterfalls in St Lucia. Sound like a great day out, right?

But it gets even better! Mud from the baths is said to have detoxifying properties. Morover, it can help with a range of issues from sun burn and eczema through to authoritis. 

heart drawn into sun cream on skin
The mud at Sulphur Spring has regenerative properties which can help with issues like sunburn

So show me some snaps! 

Get in the hot springs

Clever mud

Make it art

Ooh cheeky!

Wash it off in the waterfall

Those falls waters hit different 

Let love flower in the mud

All the love

Take the family

Rub it in that you’re in St Lucia

Ready to start your own muddy adventure?

Seen enough to start thinking about hitting the hot stuff yourself?

The springs, mud baths and waterfalls are open throughout the year. Plus, you could save if you choose to stay at one of these Bay Garden resorts by getting three hotels for the price of one

So, not only will you be slap bang in the middle of all the best things to do in Rodney Bay. You can also take a day trip out to Sulphur Springs to really start racking up the memories on your St Lucia escape. 

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