How to Experience All the Best Things to Do in the Caribbean in One Trip

14/09/2022Tom Spruce

Did you know, you can tick-off some of the best things to do in the Caribbean just by booking one bumper break?

Cruise the Caribbean and try some awesome activities
Try some of the best things to do in the Caribbean on one cruise

When it comes to experiencing the best things to do in the Caribbean, there are a world of options and even more destinations

But, what if we told you, you can discover them all (or at least most of them) with our our latest Fly, Stay and Cruise with Infinity on The Beach

If you need more convincing, why don’t we tell you more about the trip? Including, the countries you’ll visit and just a selection of the activities you’ll uncover.

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11 fun things to do in the Caribbean (and the cruise)

  1. Bridgetown, Barbados
  2. Stay in a picturesque resort
  3. Caroni Wetlands, Trinidad
  4. Pigeon Point, Tobago
  5. Scarbaorough Botanical Gardens, Tobago
  6. Trafalgar Falls, Dominica
  7. Molinere Bay underwater sculpture park, Grenada
  8. Grand Etang National Park, Grenada
  9. Assumption Cathedral, St Vincent
  10. The Pitons, St Lucia
  11. Sulphur Springs, St Lucia

Introducing the cruise

Before we go into those reasons in more detail, we should probably tell you more about the trip. 

On your Caribbean odyssey you’ll hop aboard the incredible Royal Caribbean cruise liner, Rhapsody Of The Seas. While on board, indulge your senses at a choice of 7 restaurants and 6 bars.

On the subject of those awesome eateries… we’re not just talking mass produced buffet food here. The selection on offer ranges from fine Italian fare at Giovanni’s Table to fresh Japanese feasts in Izumi Sushi and big steaks at Chop’s Grille. What else could you need?

How about a dip in the pool, a luxuriation session in the spa or an invigorating run in the fitness centre? Essentially, you’re staying in a five-star home on the waves. 

But what about when you’re not on the boat?

1. Exploring Bridgetown 

Kick off your Caribbean sojourn by touching down in Barbados and exploring all the best things to do in Bridgetown

The bustling island capital is awash with history. In fact, the city has so many stories to tell, it’s been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. 

On your three days in Barbados you can completely tour the capital. Take in museums, beaches, grand cathedrals, and even check out a house where one of the most famous US presidents stayed. 

Barbados with Caribbean Warehouse
Make the most of your time in Barbados with the best things to do in Bridgetown

2. Stay in a picturesque resort

During your time in Barbados you’re going to need a place to stay, right?

Well, as part of this latest offer, before you make way for the Rhapsody Of The Seas you can rest a while at Infinity On The Beach

This beautifully quaint resort places you right on the powder white sands of Dover Beach. When you’re not sightseeing in Bridgetown, feel free to spend as much time relaxing on the sand or around the pool with a signature cocktail as you like. 

  • Infinity On The Beach
  • Main pool at Infinity On The Beach
  • Beachfront hotel
  • Standard Room at Infinity on the Beach
  • Balcony view of Dover Beach

3. Explore Caroni Wetlands

Another one of the best things to do in the Caribbean comes shortly after you shove-off from Barbados. 

Once in Trinidad, you’ll bask in the tiny island nation’s blooming biodiversity. Nowhere does this thriving life sing more than at Caroni Wetlands. 

On your adventure you’ll miander via boat through the second largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad & Tobago. Keep your eyes peeled for some staggering wildlife to dip into view. 

4. Relax at Pigeon Point

For those who are familiar with the beauty of Tobago, Pigeon Point will need no introduction. One of the best beaches in Tobago and, indeed, the Caribbean. 

The soft white sand, azure waters, and swaying palms create an idyllic atmosphere perfect for relaxing under the warming island sun. Feel free to take your snorkel along and have a paddle in the Caribbean Sea too.  

Pigeon Point
Discovet the stunning beauty of Pigeon Point. Photo by Renaldo Matamoro on Unsplash

5. Discover the Scarborough Botanical Gardens

Elsewhere on the enchanting sister islands of Trinidad & Tobago you’ll find another celebration of all things biodiversity. 

The Scarborough Botanical Gardens are celebrated for introducing visitors to the natural beauty of Tobago.

Alongside beautiful views of the marina and lush green landscape, depending on what time of year you visit, you can also pick your pleasure in mangoes. 

Scarborough Botanical Gardens
Let your trip be injected with greenery. Photo by Rajendra Biswal on Unsplash

6. Discover Trafalgar Falls

Moving on from T&T you’ll come to the diminutive island of Dominica. One of the hidden gems of the Caribbean. This stunning setting is as close to a secluded island paradise as you’re going to get.

However, while it may be an understated island in the wider region, Dominica still plays host to some of the most amazing things to do in the Caribbean. One of those activities being visiting Trafalgar Falls. 

Take your phone and get ready to fill your timeline with awesome, envy-inducing snaps. Go wading through the fresh water which culminates at the foot of an epic 60ft waterfall

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica
Experience the majesty of Trafalgar Falls. Photo by iSAW Company on Unsplash

7. Underwater Sculpture Park

But the watery fun doesn’t have to end there. When you move on from the hidden delights of Dominica you’ll pull in to the exciting location of St George’s, Grenada. 

Here you’ll be able to don your snorkel once more and take in one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World. The underwater sculpture garden showcases works by English-Guyanese artist Jason DeCaires Taylor

Exploring the submarine sight in Grenada has become one of the best things to do in the Caribbean, pulling in tourists from across the world. It was widely acclaimed as the famous sculptor’s first work and consists of 75 works across an 800-square-metre space. 

8. Explore the wonders of Grand Etang

Staying in Grenada for the time being (because there’s just so many amazing things to do). Grand Etang National Park will captivate your senses. 

Established as a national park back in the 90s, the place is full to the brim of natural wonders (keep an eye out for the mischievous mona monkeys).

A bowl of emerald trees eventually gives way to the majestic Grand Etang Lake. It’s not hard to understand that this attraction was actually formed out of an extinct volcano.

The best part is, with your cruise offer you can head out on an enchanting tour of the park. 

9. Marvel at the Assumption Cathedral 

When you’re done with the dazzling sights of Grenada, you’ll dip back into the realms of the underrated Caribbean.

St Vincent & The Grenadines may sound like a trendy new indie band, but it’s actually a collection of stunning islands. On those islands you’ll find Kingstown, St Vincent, the country’s capital. 

Here lies your next top attraction, Assumption Cathedral. A beautiful old church whose unique architecture spans hundreds of years and several design periods including Byzantine, Romanesque, and Flemish among others. However, your knowledgeable guide will be able to take you through them all. 

10. Climbing the Pitons 

No prizes for guessing what the Pitons are when you arrive in Castries. The two ancient volcanos dominate the skyline like a couple of vegetation-covered temples. 

Spend your time in St Lucia wisely by taking the opportunity to get out and climb the Pitons. Experienced guides will be able to take you on an educational quest to the tops of Gros and Petit Piton

Exploring the twin peaks is definitely one of the best things to do in the Caribbean. In fact, the site was granted UNESCO World Heritage status back in 2004.

The Pitons in St Lucia
You’ll know when the Pitons pop into view in St Lucia

11. Luxuriating in Sulphur Springs

The best way to round off your Caribbean adventure is with an indulgent pamper in at Sulphur Springs

Treat your skin by taking a dip in the volcanic, mineral-rich mud baths. Before washing it all off under the powerful flow of one of St Lucia’s most beautiful waterfalls

Sounds like a pretty epic way to end the trip, right? Jane knows. 

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Getting all those incredible things to do in the Caribbean ticked off your list in one unforgettable trip is the thing of dreams. 

But we can make those fantasies a reality with our latest cruise offer. Just click the button below to get started on creating your free Barbados Fly, Stay, Cruise quote today.

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