Exploring Antigua: A 3-Day Itinerary Perfect For Beach Lovers


This three-day itinerary strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and exploring Antigua. 

An beach in Antigua
Our three-day itinerary for exploring Antigua will have you enjoying the best of the island stress-free

If you’re a fully-fledged advocate of the classic fly and flop, exploring Antigua is a real must. 

With different beach for every day of the year it’s already a hit with us Brits. But add into the mix colonial history, rum-infused mellowness, and the finest sunsets known to mankind and it’s easy to see why it’s growing in popularity with global travellers too. In addition to all that, a veil of lush greenery also cloaks the island, offering a sense of seclusion in the heart of paradise and a plethora of Antiguan excursions.

We’ve had the joy of exploring Antigua’s finest offerings in 3 days. And we can honestly say, it was nothing short of extraordinary. 

But let’s cut to the chase and get talking about all of Antigua’s wonder.

The beach in front of Sandals Grande Antigua
Let’s get exploring Antigua

Life’s a beach

Antigua’s unique, curving coastline is studded with some of the very best beaches in the all the Caribbean.

You’re now entering the realm of enamel-blue waters, sugar-white sands and hidden coves only accessible by boat. Whether you’re looking to unwind, snorkel, windsurf or swim in the balmy waters. Here, you can have it all.

Carlisle Bay is a must on your three-day itinerary. Nestled along the south coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Sink your toes into powdery-sands, kick-back on a plush sun lounger and settle your eye-parts on the infinite blue. Top it off with your cocktail of choice, mine’s a classic Bellini. Just in case you were wondering.

A beach day is a perfect way to spend a day of your time here

The Lookout

After all that frolicing on Carlisle Bay get yourself down to The Lookout. Best enjoyed on a Sunday night for Antigua’s most famous evening party.

Make your way up to the highest point in the hillside to watch a party unfold as the sun sets. Affording the iconic view of both English and Falmouth Harbours.

Complete with steel bands, an authentic barbecue serving the most delicious barbecue ribs, and rum punch at every corner. Set your eyes on unparalleled 360-degree scenic landscapes.

Shirley Heights
The Lookout promises some special views out over the island.

Stingrays away!

Antigua’s Stingrays are heralded as “the brightest in the Caribbean” and spending a day with them is unforgettble. A scenic 5-minute speedboat ride whisks you to a shallow pool with a white sand bottom surrounded by a beautiful coral reef.

Here, the Stingrays are not enclosed so as your boat arrives they will flock to the area. They’re suckers for some human interaction so get in and give them a fuss. But before you touch a single ray, a safety briefing and your introduction to the stingray shuffle comes first. The shuffle is essentially walking backwards without lifting your feet so you accidentally don’t step on them – we’re sure you can master it. 

Stand or swim, make the most of the unique and fascinating opportunity to completely interact, hold and feed the stingrays. They’re utterly fascinating, majestic creatures. Most people are suprised by just how friendly and gentle the rays are.

We honestly cannot recommend this experience to you enough.

Charlotte meets a stingray in Antigua
As you can see, this is a pretty special experience

All aboard D-Boat

D-Boat is a decommissioned oil tanker transformed into a state-of-the-art entertainment hub docked in the middle of the sea. And it’s quickly established itself as Antigua’s top daytime experience.

Glide down a waterslide, bounce on the water trampoline or take the leap of faith right into the sea. Soak up the sun on the top deck, bask in the feel-good vibes and jump on the free WiFi to upload all those envy-inducing Instagram posts.

It’s such fun and definitely worth a visit. Get your sea legs at the ready!

ezgif.com-crop (1)

Start exploring Antigua for yourself

Has this Caribbean adventure island tickled your fancy?

If so, you’ll be glad to know there’s a plethora of TripAdvisor approved Antigua resorts just waiting to get you checked in. 

Click the button below and we’ll tell you all about these popular hotels and why the famous review site rates them so much. So you can start exploring Antigua too.

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