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Antigua claims to have 365 beaches, each benefiting from the white sands and sparkling waters of the Eastern Caribbean's Leeward Islands. Nature is at the heart of Antigua, an island veined with hiking trails and verdant expanses of seemingly endless green. Admire the view or strike out on a New World adventure. The choice is yours.

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Aruba's consistently clement weather finds an ideal companion in its refreshing tradewinds, a partnership that has unified people from across the globe into an eclectic community of welcoming locals. Classically Caribbean white-blue-green hues flush the landscapes, but it's the warm smiles and zesty hospitality that distinguish Aruba from its sister islands. Aruba is the Caribbean you know, but executed with a flawless finesse distinct to the island.

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Dotted over 100,000 square miles of ocean, The Bahamas incorporates countless off-the-beaten-track escapes spread over 2,400 picturesque cays. It's home to VIPs, a heaven for divers and a honeymooner's dream getaway, and with 700 islands to choose from there's definitely a mote of sand-and-sea that's made for you. The Bahamas define the life less ordinary, so go forth and discover the closest thing to paradise.

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Barbados has captured the imagination of holidaymakers across the globe. It's an intimate island nation with unprecedented diversity, ranging from humble beachfront living to the refined pleasures of upmarket all-inclusive escapes. Moreover, Barbados is accessible to everyone thanks to an extensive portfolio of exceptional value resorts. Rainforests, designer shopping, white sands, history and nightlife all find a home in Barbados - and so will you.

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One of the most biodiverse countries on the planet with roughly a quarter of its area made up of protected jungle home to a world of life including spider monkeys and colourful quetzal birds. Sustainable tourism is key in this environmentally aware nation so you'll also find an abundance of farm-to-table restaurants as well as the spectacular protected areas.

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Costa Rica

Cuba represents a little something from a little bit of everywhere, collecting cultural influences from Spain, Africa, China and everywhere in between. There's an undeniable sense of nostalgia that fills the cobbled streets and sandy shorelines; the feeling that you're walking back in time to better days. Colonial history is everywhere, but so too are laid-back Caribbean vibes and modern all-inclusive trends. Cuba welcomes everyone as a friend, and it's a friendship for life.

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Encapsulating a tiny slice of Europe in the Caribbean, Curaçao showcases a world of dramatic landscapes, incredible nature and a patchwork of colourful towns.

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Passing through the Dominican Republic opens up the history of the New World though its remnants, where cobbled streets and Spanish architecture continue to mould the profile of this island nation. You also get an idea of why the first Western settlers were enamoured with the Dominican Republic, where vibrant rolling mountains stand vigil over whale-dotted seas and pristine beachfronts. It's one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, with a holiday for every budget.

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Dominican Republic

The Eastern Caribbean is often associated with the trade of spices, and Grenada's long history with nutmeg has centralised its position in global mercantile narratives. Lasting legacies from these days of colonial culture live on, reformed as the luxurious resorts that shine a spotlight on Grenadian tourism. Untouched white-and-blue seascapes exist peacefully alongside world-class holiday destinations and authentic Caribbean escapes, making Grenada the connoisseur's choice for an upmarket long-haul holiday.

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As one of the larger island in the Caribbean, Jamaica has an outstanding collection of resorts that range from fun-only family adventures to relaxing high-end luxury. Island activities are equally as accommodating, ranging from all-hours night life and characterful bars to birdwatching and beach walks. But above all it's the people who give Jamaica it's soul, with their love for music, hospitality and laughter. Jamaica is a larger-than-life destination, filled with life-affirming experiences.

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Mexico is a cultural crossroads, fed by historical strands from Mayan South America, Spanish colonialism, Caribbean coastal living and American holidaymaking trends. Stylish all-inclusive hotels reign supreme in Cancun, but there's always something ancient, authentic or astounding in the local area. Age-old ruins, close-knit communities, vibrant flavours and flourishing wildlife stand side-by-side with some of the world's leading resorts, making Mexico a consistent favourite with holidaymakers the world over.

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Culturally diverse and visually breath-taking, Panama is an undiscovered gem with a mix of indigenous cultures and western influences offering varying nuances. Think dazzling blue and white coastlines and cosmopolitan city hubs with incredible wildlife to discover.

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An idyllic Caribbean haven located in the Leeward Islands, you may have heard, or seen, St Martin as Saint-Martin or Sint Maarten, this is due to its dual heritage. Split between Dutch and French culture St Martin offers stunning beaches, secluded coves and plenty unspoilt lush hiking trails spotting the real St Martin won't be hard to do.

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Saint Martin

Natural beauty is abundant in the Caribbean, but St. Lucia holds the mantle as the region's most stunning destination. Deep rainforest, rolling greenery, coral-white sands and charismatic villages set St.Lucia apart, folding a huge degree of diversity into manageable proportions. Exoticism is a staple of any Lucian holiday, mingling colourful flowers and calm waters with some of the Caribbean's finest resorts.

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St Lucia

Lush landscapes and luxurious resorts had earned the archipelago of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines a reputation for uncomplicated, unpretentious escapes. The term "idyllic" is never far from mind, with the lay of the land ranging from jungle-clad mountainsides to breeze-kissed central-Caribbean waters. Excursions around the Tobago Cays open up a world of rural Caribbean charms, and the islands' calibre of hotel is simply unmatched. Extraordinary holidays are written deep within the narrative of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, and you're the main character.

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St Vincent & The Grenadines

Largely unscathed by the influences of mainstream modern tourism, Tobago is considered one of the best eco-tourism destinations on the planet. Diving, birdwatching, hiking, snorkelling and rainforest exploration sit at the centre of Tobagonian tourism, where authentic locally-supported resorts act as the gateway to the Caribbean's pre-colonial life. Tobago is great for holidaymakers who don't want their hand held by high-profile hotels; those of you who look to leave the beaten track and come face-to-face with the honest identity of an island nation.

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Trinidad & Tobago

Hailed as the best kept secret among long-haul holidaymakers, the exotic isles of Turks & Caicos are rapidly becoming the on-trend holiday destination of Caribbean connoisseurs. Refined yet unpretentious, Turks & Caicos's growing portfolio of resorts specialise in excellent value low-key luxury, ranging from the social hub of Providenciales to the countless uninhabited islets peppered across the ocean that make for desert-island-esque excursions. Caribbean veterans looking to mix up their routine need look no further than Turks & Caicos.

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Turks & Caicos

Holidaying in America removes all barriers. Neither language nor culture can hold you back, and 50 individually characterised states provide limitless options for stellar escapes. From the Caribbeanesque environs of Miami to the cultural capitol of New York City, the USA has quite literally everything for quite literally anyone.

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United States of America