16 Reasons Why Planet Hollywood Cancún Is In A World Of Its Own

October 21, 2021Tom Spruce

Out on the shimmering cosmos of white-sand beaches in southeast Mexico sits Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancún. And here’s why it’s rocking our world.

Aerial shot of Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancun
The beachfront location is definitely one reason why we love Planet Hollywood Cancún

With 5 pools, 10 restaurants, and 11 bars, as well as a veritable Milky Way of activities, Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancún is star quality. 

There are many reasons why we love Cancún. But Planet Hollywood Cancún, the brand new, five-star, Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort, may have to be added to that list. 

But makes this place so out of this world?

All the reasons we’re in love

  1. Choice is king
  2. Location, location, location
  3. Watery fun
  4. Upgraded accommodation
  5. STAR Class
  6. All the restaurants
  7. Planet Spa
  8. 24-hour all-inclusive
  9. Kid things
  10. Planet Play
  11. Interior design to die for
  12. Cineworld
  13. Outdoor theatre
  14. Fitness fanatics welcome
  15. Ethics
  16. Wonderful weddings

1. Be Choosey

Author Catherine Pulsifer once said “Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” And that’s certainly true here.

Except the choices you make at Planet Hollywood determine how many marks over 9.0 out of 10 you give your Mexico break. Here every element of your break comes with a plethora of options, even down to which pool you take a dip in.

But with all those options can come confusion. So, in this blog, we’ll introduce you to this new planet, do a reccy over the surface, and show you all the other reasons we love it so.

Aerial view of Planet Hollywood in Cancun
There’s so much to see and do here

2. The well placed planet 

Every planet in the solar system will tell you: location is key. Just look at Neptune, it’s the furthest planet from the sun’s heat, making it a windy, ice giant – terrible place for a break! But enough about ice and wind, we’re more interested in sunshine and sand. 

While there might be a plethora of choice awaiting you at Planet Hollywood you wouldn’t want to change a thing about the location.

The five-star resort is perched, elegantly, on a stunning stretch of powder white Caribbean sand in Costa Mujeres. With the plethora of bars available you can kick back on the warm sand and enjoy a cool glass of your favourite tipple while staring out to sea.

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancún finds itself on an stunning stretch of Costa Mujeres sand
Its beachfront location in Costa Mujeres makes Planet Hollywood a stand out

3. The blue planet

While this resort may be settled on a stunning stretch of sand, it’s the watery fun that really has us purring. You can slip into your bathing suit and find submarine silliness all over the place.

Jurassic Splash Park and Shipwreck Cove are perfect for the little ones. Two watery playgrounds filled with all sorts of aquatic antics to keep them busy for hours. But if all that splashing isn’t for you, change the pace and take in a leisurely float along the lazy river.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something completely different, how about trying your hand at surfing? Now, the waves out on the balmy Caribbean Sea probably wont be gnarly enough to hang ten (or whatever surfers say). But in the Flowrider® area it doesn’t matter how calm conditions are, you’ll always be able to catch a wave. You might discover you’re actually a world-class surfer!

  • The main pool overlooks the sea
  • Aerial shot of the Flowrider surf pool at Planet Hollywood Cancun

4. Journey to the centre of the upgraded accommodation

All the accommodation at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancún is aimed at allowing you to kick back like a star. But with the latest offer from Caribbean Warehouse, you can make sure you’re living right.

Within the deal you’re bumped up to an incredible Star Class Junior Suite. Each spacious suite offers a comfortable place to get your head down, as well as a spacious balcony to stare out over the immaculate resort gardens.

But, that’s not all, you’ll also gain access to all the extended privileges of Star Class membership. Read on to find out what that’s all about.

Check out the a Junior Suite for yourself

Subscriber Exclusive Offers

5. Star Class

You have the option to upgrade any suite to Star Class and get a whole host of added benefits. Just don’t let the fame go to your head.

Get even more choice than you would have normally at the resort. Select everything from your favoured room location through to what type of pillow you’d like to rest your weary head on. You can even pick what drinks you want gracing your minibar.

As an added bonus you’re also allowed access to exclusive Star Class member areas like private bars and pools, including a hydrotherapy pool. Plus, you’ve now unlocked aromatherapy in the spa too.

Special lobby area, with a section for Star Class guests

6. Planet of the tastes

If you’re one of those people who can never choose which restaurant you want to go to, then you may hate it here. We alluded to it earlier, but there really is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dinner time at Planet Hollywood.

When we say every cuisine is covered, we absolutely mean it. Whether you fancy sumptuous pasta or fresh sushi there’s something for every palate. The 10 resort restaurant themes include a steakhouse, Indian restaurant, sports bars, a burger joint and a Mexican cantina, plus so much more.

Moreover, if you’ve taken that Star Class upgrade you can also choose to satiate your appetite at the Star Class Bar & Grill.

  • Brazza Grill
  • East Sushi Bar
  • Gusto Italian Trattoria
  • Guys Burger Bar
  • The Sports Bar
  • Surf's Up
  • Disco Studio Bar
  • Fuel Coffee shop
  • Blue Lagoon Bar

7. Planet Spa 

Away from the beach and marine madness there is a little cove of tranquillity, just waiting to be discovered. Make sure you take the chance to check out PH Spa while you’re sunning it up in Cancún.

Using high-end Eminence Organic Skin Care products, the trained spa team are happy to help when it comes to working out your stress.

In addition to the spa you might also want to check out the Beauty Bar, again utilising Eminence Organics’. Treat yourself to a celebrity-style beauty routine. You’ll feel amazing after a massage and facial before heading out to another gorgeous dinner.  

  • PH Spa
  • Massage table in PH Spa

8. 24-hour All-Inclusive

Come on… who doesn’t love 24-hour all-inclusive?!

9. Junior Astronauts

A lot of what we’ve outlined so far has been about the adults enjoyment, but don’t think that we’ve forgotten about the child stars. Because Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancún caters to little ones perfectly too!

In addition to the amazing watery fun we outlined earlier, little ones can also have a whale of a time at the Stars Kid’s Club.

Not your everyday kid’s club, Stars engages your little ones through a range of awesome activities, while simultaneously encouraging their personalities to the fore. With everything from movie nights under the stars through to singer-songwriter classes and scavenger hunts to a wardrobe room your kids can really let their hair down.

Check out all the family fun times

10. Planet Play

Not content with water parks and a dynamic kid’s club, the good people at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancún also give you Planet Play – which is like a small moon just off Planet Hollywood.

Once you’ve safely docked in Planet Play you’ll find the trampoline zone, golf simulator, a basketball court, and an arcade

All this kid-friendly activity makes this resort one of the best all-inclusive resorts for families in Cancún.

11. Stellar design

For us, the décor is the unsung hero in this resort. You will notice the incredible restaurants, comfortable and spacious rooms, and enthralling activities. But all of that is built on a foundation of stunning interior design.

From the little touches like “Director” chairs your room, through to themed restaurants. You can see that time and effort has been poured into every detail. Not to mention they’ve probably spent a fortune on lighting!

12. Planet film

Now, we know catching a film might not be high-up on your list of holiday priorities especially with everything going on at Planet Hollywood. But it’s not every day you come across a cinema in your hotel, right? Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have a little time to yourselves, either as a couple or family.

The 76-seat resort cinema plays everything from family-faves through to classic films throughout the day. So, if you fancy catching a flick, you can do that too!

The 76-seater cinema in Planet Hollywood Cancun
If you’re going to Planet Hollywood you need to hit the cinema, right?

13. Outdoor theatre

Drama at this resort isn’t confined to the silver screen.

In the outdoor theatre area you can settle down each evening to a bumper show that will blow your mind. Forget what you know about resort entertainment because we guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this.

14. Planet fit 

With all those restaurants and bars, as well as the 24-hour all-inclusive offering, you might be happy to hear the gym is just as impressive as the other in-resort attractions.

As with everything in this resort, if you want to take your holiday fitness routine to the next level there’s a plethora of choice. From morning and evening yoga to every HIIT class you can think of, you’re free to stay completely in control of your workout. You might also like to test your mettle against the beachfront Spartan Obstacle Course.

PHFit is the gym element to Planet Hollywood Cancun
Make the most of all the engaging fitness activities available at PHfit

15. Green planet

Looking after this planet is high on the agenda at Planet Hollywood. Through use of a wide-ranging conservation programme they’re trying to hone in on reducing the amount waste they produce.

Another good touch comes from the restaurants. The resort works hard to ensure the overall lifecycle of their food is kinder to the environment and local community. Utilising local producers to fill up their menus means the food fresh and delicious, plus the Yucatan Peninsula farmers benefit too.

However, the resort are also keen to ensure the conservation efforts don’t end at there. Any surplus food is also donated to charitable causes, right down to the peels which make their way back to the local livestock as feed.

Costa Mujeres beach
Kick back knowing your resort are doing good things

16. Planet romance

You might be forgiven for thinking a destination with a Jurassic Splash Park isn’t the most sentimental place for a wedding. But Planet Hollywood has a galaxy of romance just waiting to make your day super special.

With a smorgasbord of wedding packages and so many themes, destinations, and backdrops to choose from. Have a day all of your own creation.

Want casual glamour affair on the white sand beach with the turquoise ocean as the backdrop? You can have it. Want a day where you’re married on sun-drenched roof terrace and celebrate with a bounce in the trampoline zone? You can do that too, but we’d recommend saving the cake for after the bouncing, yeah?

But if you want to keep your eye on the purse strings Planet Hollywood could also be perfect. Alongside all this choice, they’re also another resort offering a free destination wedding package.  

Ready to go?

If hearing all about the abundance of choice available at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancun has got you pining for a break, we can help. Just click the button below and start building your quote online now.

There really is something for everyone at this resort, so we’re sure you’ve found something you love. 

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